British supermarkets join the global fight to help halve food waste by 2030 – The Sun

British supermarkets join the global fight to help halve food waste by 2030 – The Sun

SUPERMARKETS have joined the fight to help halve food waste by 2030.
They are among more than 100 organisations to have signed the Step Up To The Plate pledge to tackle the problem.
2 British supermarkets join the fight to cut food waste by 2040Credit: Getty – Contributor
Sainsbury’s and Tesco joined multinational Nestle in making the promise after hearing £20billion worth of food and drink is wasted every year in Britain.
The Government’s food waste champion Ben Elliot said: “We are pleased to see these retailers committing to change.
“To those retailers yet to sign the pledge — why not? You have a responsibility to step up and do your bit.
“We will be highlighting those who participate and those who do not.”
An estimated 10.2million tons of food and drink are wasted every year in Britain after leaving the farm gate.
Families blow £15billion a year — an average of £500 each — on food that is thrown away but could have been eaten.
Last month, Mr Elliot used a Step Up To The Plate conference to call on 300 organisations, businesses, chefs and social media influencers to join the campaign.
Sainsbury’s said tackling the problem was a crucial part of a bigger effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
It promised it would work with suppliers to eliminate waste “within every part of the supply chain process”.
Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said the next step was getting signatories to make their food waste data public.
Sugar cuts claimINCREASING the cost of sugary drinks in restaurants and using traffic light labels, pictured, can cut consumption, a review suggests.Limiting availability in schools and promoting healthy options in shops also worked. Colour labelling, right, is optional in the UK.
British and German researchers analysed 58 studies involving more than a million people.

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He added: “This will be crucial for identifying hotspots that require collective action; holding individual companies to account for the commitments they have made.”
Environment Secretary Michael Gove said he was delighted to see so many organisations make the commitment, but called on others to follow suit.
He added: “Together we will end the environmental and economic scandal that is food waste.”
2 Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis wants supermarkets to make their food waste data public nextCredit: Reuters
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