British Medical Association rocked by spate of sex harassment claims

British Medical Association rocked by spate of sex harassment claims

A SPATE of sex harassment claims have rocked Britain’s doctors’ union — including a male GP sending a female colleague a nude selfie.
One woman medic now takes a relative to British Medical Association conferences after being “sexually explicitly propositioned” at one where she gave a talk.
Getty – Contributor A spate of sex harassment claims have rocked Britain’s doctors’ union (stock image)
Other female doctors told of having bums and thighs fondled and being asked at seminars “what their husbands think of them being away”.
Two male docs were heard guessing a workpal’s bra size.
Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, of Hoddesdon, Herts, said a man muttered “naughty girl” and “little girl” as she walked to a stage to host a talk.
She and colleague Dr Zoe Norris blasted the “harassment and culture of institutional sexism” at the BMA’s 77-strong GP Committee.
They said sexism in the “dark, dinosaur-infested depths of GP politics” had put off future women leaders.
They told website GP Online: “Both of us have held prominent GPC roles.
“We won’t in the future, largely because of experiences we’ve had at the hands of some colleagues.”
Yorkshire-based Dr Norris called the BMA an “old boys’ club”  with sexism there an “open secret”.
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She said she was forced to withdraw a complaint about it 18 months ago.
She added: “Women are afraid to speak up for fear of repercussions.”
BMA chief Dr Chaand Nagpaul has begun a probe and said: “Sexist and disrespectful behaviour won’t be tolerated here.”


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