Britain’s next Prime Minister must deliver Brexit and keep us fighting fit for our future out of the EU – The Sun

Britain’s next Prime Minister must deliver Brexit and keep us fighting fit for our future out of the EU – The Sun

Saving Brexit
THE Tory leadership rivals are finally getting serious about preparing for Brexit.
Boris Johnson has, outwardly at least, adopted a tough negotiating stance in a sign to Brussels that talks are over if they don’t play ball.
3 Britain’s next Prime Minister must deliver Brexit and keep us fighting fit for our future out of the EUCredit: BBC
And Jeremy Hunt rightly promises extra cash for farmers, fishermen and the small firms which could take a hit if we end up in a No Deal scenario.
But his problem is that no one really believes he would deliver No Deal. Mr Hunt won’t even commit to taking us out by the end of the YEAR, let alone honouring the October 31 deadline.
And while it’s good to see more No Deal funding on offer, both candidates should be wary of rash spending promises they might not be able to pay for.
Until Brexit’s sorted out once and for all, the new PM must keep the safety-first approach which has brought our debt under control in recent years.
With Labour gagging to turn on the spending taps, even if it bankrupts Britain, the Tories need to show they’re still the party of financial prudence.
That’s the best way to keep the UK fighting fit for our future outside the EU.
Royal dilemma
PRINCE Harry and Meghan want to have it both ways.
They spend £2.4million of public money on doing up their new home, which they justify by pointing to their royal duties.
3 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can’t have it both ways – the taxpayer’s millions AND their privacyCredit: Alamy Live News
Then the couple turn around and break with years of precedent, declaring that baby Archie — seventh in line to the throne — must be christened behind closed doors.
So which is it? Are they public servants whose every expense, such as a £5,000 copper bath, should be funded by the taxpayer? Or are they private citizens who can dodge scrutiny?
It’s time to choose — or they risk losing the public’s goodwill.
Skulk Hogan
WE’VE become all too familiar with public figures cashing in on their office by moving to corporate jobs.
But the case of Bernard Hogan-Howe, the former head of Scotland Yard, really takes the biscuit.
3 Ex-Scotland Yard chief Bernard Hogan-Howe has picked up a side gig at a tech firm that can track ANYONE carrying a mobile phoneCredit: PA:Press Association
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As Britain’s top cop, he oversaw a ludicrous witch-hunt, using anti-terror legislation to threaten the Press and haul reporters into court — only to see them cleared when it became clear the police had overstepped the law.
Now a member of the House of Lords, he’s picked up a side gig at tech firm Carbyne. The company can track ANYONE carrying a phone — that’s all of us, then — to within a metre, with terrifying consequences for the future of privacy.
No surprise that a man who spent much of his career snooping on the innocent is doing the same thing now he’s retired.
Boris Johnson says Britain will still have Mars Bars and clean water in a No Deal Brexit outcome during Bournemouth Tory leadership hustings


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