Britain’s Favourite Crisps revealed by Channel 5 TV show

Britain's Favourite Crisps revealed by Channel 5 TV show

MONSTER Munch fans have dubbed an investigation into the nation’s favourite crisp as a “national scandal” after the pickled onion flavoured snacks failed to make the top 10.
Channel 5 split viewers last night as it dedicated two hours of TV to Britain’s Favourite Crisp which ranked the country’s snacks including top brands Walkers, Doritos, Tyrrells, Pringles and Kettle.
Channel 5 Pringles, Walkers and Doritos have been dubbed the nation’s favourite
Levels of outrage hit crunch time when Pringles, Doritos and Walkers crisps took the top three spots.
One Monster Munch lover even threatened to call Ofcom after the show announced that their favourite snack came in 11th place and was featured in the mid-tier alongside Quavers, Wotsits, plain Hula Hoops and Chipsticks.
Viewers slammed the results as “fake” and a “fix”, claiming that the monster foot-shaped snack was “robbed” of first place.
Jade Preston wrote on Twitter: “How dare Monster Munch be rated so low”, while a disappointed Matney Self felt that the results showed that the country has “truly gone to the ****ing dogs”.
One viewer claimed to have complained to the broadcasting watchdog about the results
Twitter Monster Munch fans were left disappointed with the results
Twitter Not everyone was happy with the outcome of the show
Twitter Some viewers slammed the show for including snacks that technically aren’t crisps
A furious Nick slated the show after it place Monster Munch is the “mid-tier”
Another @n1ckhay wrote: “Absolute horse shit that Pickled Onion Monster Much are 11. Do people not have taste buds?”
Some viewers even questioned the integrity of the show after their favourite snacks didn’t even get a look in.
The Crisp Connoisseur wrote: “No French Fries. No Discos. No Skips. No Frazzles. No Space Raiders. No integrity.”
And @spidetbutIer said: “French Fries and Skips have been ROBBED.”
Twitter Furious crisp fans slammed the show for the results
Twitter Others were more concerned that two hours of TV had been dedicated to the subject
The true definition of Jacob’s Mini Cheddars was also called into question by some viewers who claim they’re not even a crisp.
Jacob’s even describes them as “cheese snack biscuits” but shoppers will often find them down the crisp aisle.
Helen Jones said: “I don’t think I’ve had such an in-depth conversation with my other half as I have now whilst we watch #BritainsFavouritecrisps mini cheddars are NOT crisps and need to **** off from this programme.”
One tweeter went as far to blame Prime Minister Theresa May
Not everyone agreed that Mini Cheddars are even a crisp and should not have been included
One viewer dubbed it a “crime against humanity” that Discos weren’t featured
Twitter user @girl_ghosted agreed saying: “Mini Cheddars are biscuits you might as well have a box of Ritz cheese crackers on the list too #britainsfavouritecrisps.”
Other’s were left consfused and bemused that there was even a two hour TV show dedicated to the topic, particularly when the country if facing political uncertainty.
Referring to Twitter trends which ranks what users are most talking about, Andrew said: “#Britainsfavouritecrisps is trending 3rd in the UK. We genuinely do like in a country full of morons.”
Roberta Seaport said: “You think Brexit is a ****show? There’s a countdown programmed on called Britain’s Favourite Crisps and blood is flowing in the streets from all the fights it is causing.”
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The shows creators split the crisps that were included in the round up into a list of four tiers.
Walkers, Pringles and Doritos landed the “God tier” while Mini Cheddars, Walkers Salt n Shake, Nik Naks and Squares were dumped into the “Don’t come anywhere near me with these…” group.
Bored of the traditional flavoured crisps? Walkers is launching two new crisp flavours including BBQ pulled pork and spicy Sriracha.
Tesco also launched the spiciest crisps ever which are made with the world’s second hottest chilli.
Packets of crisps have shrunk in size and soared in price after last year’s potato shortage – these are the worst offenders.
Aldi customer opens up a sealed packet of Monster Claws crisps only to find ONE solitary snack inside

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