Britain to be forced to scrap annual clocks change after Euro MPs vote to change law

Britain to be forced to scrap annual clocks change after Euro MPs vote to change law

BRITAIN could be forced to scrap the annual changing of the clocks after Euro MPs voted to abolish it today.
The EU Parliament backed a new law that will see the UK made to ditch the biannual time switch if it extends the transition beyond March 2021.
AFP – Getty The EU Parliament has signed off on new laws to ban clock changes
And the rule would become permanent if MPs force the Government into seeking a soft Brexit which keeps us inside the Single Market.
Northern Ireland would be made to choose whether to align with Dublin or London, creating an hour time difference with one of them for half the year.
At a sitting in Strasbourg yesterday MEPs endorsed Jean-Claude Juncker’s plan to make Member States permanently adopt either summer or winter time.
Tory MEP Jacqueline Foster fumed: “Quite frankly, this is not a matter that should be decided in Brussels. This move is unwanted and unnecessary.”
Her colleague John Flack added: “We’ve long been aware the EU wants too much control over our lives – now they want to control time itself.
“You would think they had other things to worry about without wanting to become Time Lords. This is a step too far.”
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The UK Government has indicated that it has no plan to comply with the move if we leave the bloc before it comes into force.
But experts have pointed out that under such a scenario Ireland would still have to comply, running the risk of creating a time border on the island.
The proposed legislation now needs to be rubber stamped by national capitals before coming into force.

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