Britain needs a revived Tory party to crush Jeremy Corbyn’s 1970s tribute act

Britain needs a revived Tory party to crush Jeremy Corbyn’s 1970s tribute act

Up for grabs
THERESA May’s lifeless Tories are missing out on a huge opportunity.
Just one in six young Brits currently back them — but THREE MILLION more say they could vote Tory if the party gets its act together.
AFP or licensors A revived Tory party after Brexit could crush Jeremy Corbyn’s 1970s tribute act
Think-tank Onward is right to warn the Conservatives they face a bleak future if they continue in the same direction.
Brexit rows have sucked the energy out of this zombie Government. But once we’re out of the EU, there’s so much they can do — under a new dynamic leader — to energise the country and win back young voters.
Job number one is fixing the broken housing market — building more to keep the British dream of home ownership alive.
Cutting taxes would also help — more low earners could be excused National Insurance payments, so their salary goes further.
Create more skilled apprenticeships for those who don’t want to go to uni. And stop wasting time trying to dictate what we all eat and drink with nanny state controls.
Competing with Labour DOESN’T mean going soft on key Conservative principles.
Young Brits support immigration controls and sound public finances, so there’s no need for the Government to abandon its core values.
A revived Tory party could crush Jeremy Corbyn’s 1970s tribute act.
The nasty party
WHAT do you have to do to get kicked out of Corbyn’s Labour party?
Even posting “Heil Hitler” online isn’t enough to be expelled, a damning new dossier shows.
PA:Press Association In Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, posting ‘Heil Hitler’ online isn’t enough to be expelled
Meanwhile moderate MPs like Jess Phillips get death threats from crazed Corbynistas — furious that they haven’t signed up to the hard-left cult.
Incredibly, Jeremy’s close pal Shami Chakrabarti tells Jewish members thinking of walking out: Don’t worry, just wait for a new leader to come along who might actually do something about anti-Semitism!
It’s another reminder that this race-baiting rabble is totally unfit for power. Theresa May should be very careful about giving them more credibility with her Brexit talks.
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Wild Web win
THE Government’s crackdown on the social media Wild West is better late than never.
And its plans to hold web giants to account for the vile content they let users post are a good step forward.
But new laws must have teeth — sites that CAN’T be controlled should be blocked altogether.
Nick Hewer defends Countdown pal Rachel Riley after Labour activist said she was ‘prostituting’ being Jewish by highlighting anti-Semitism


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