Britain does not have time for Theresa May’s stalling over Brexit — she MUST go

Britain does not have time for Theresa May's stalling over Brexit — she MUST go

BRITAIN does not have time for Theresa May’s stalling. The game is up. She will not be the Prime Minister who delivered Brexit.
Her deal will not pass no matter how much she tweaks it.
Jon Bond – The Sun We cannot wait months before Mrs May finally chooses to go. We need new leadership now
The Sun has plenty of sympathy for her. Brexit is a gargantuan task she has stuck to through thick and thin. She has tried to uphold our democracy against all those willing to undermine it.
But she has made terrible misjudgements, broken too many promises, lacked basic communication skills and made desperate and suicidal compromises as failure began to look inevitable.
She has lost the trust of her Cabinet, her party, the Commons and the electorate. The country is barely being governed at all. Westminster is paralysed.
We cannot wait months before Mrs May finally chooses to go. We need new leadership now.
EPA Jeremy Hunt asked Theresa May to abandon the vote of her Brexit bill – it has no chance of success
Her Cabinet seem to lack the guts to frogmarch her to the exit. It has been painful to watch.
So we say to her, with all respect:
You cannot fix this, PM. Resign today. Trigger an immediate leadership contest.
You’ve always put Britain first. Do so now.
She’ll be back
Andrea Leadsom is leaving the Government, but expect to see her back soon
ANDREA Leadsom should be a contender for a top Cabinet job under a new leader.
She was a tremendous and articulate Brexit campaigner whose reputation nose-dived when her leadership run imploded in 2016.
She was too inexperienced to run the country. Which is why so many opted for Theresa May. That went well.
But Mrs Leadsom has been a terrific Commons leader, winning plaudits from all sides for her drive, efficiency and good humour. She is quick on her feet in debates. She loathes Speaker Bercow — always a good sign.
To her credit, she has been first to quit over Mrs May’s final Brexit surrender.
She is not to be under-estimated.
CommentQUENTIN LETTS PM’s politics are like Tunnock’s teacakes – tempting but insubstantial inside CommentTHE SUN SAYS Brexit Party victory will be the election kicking the Tories & Labour deserve CommentROD LIDDLE Brexit’s been betrayed by the snarling duds of May — so go & vote Farage today CommentROSS CLARK The United Nations: where dictators are praised and democracies condemned CommentTHE SUN SAYS PM’s Brexit capitulation is a gift for Nigel Farage and will wreck the Tories CommentDAMIAN GREEN How Tory leadership race can lead to every Brit having a shot at the good life
Full-fat idiot
Solent News Ex-Para Don McNaughton laughed off the milkshake attack
ONE sure sign of a bigot is that they chuck milkshake over those they disagree with.
That’s true, too, of sniggering left-wing journalists who legitimise such thuggery as long as it only targets those on the right. Incredibly, these imbeciles believe they’re the good guys.
Don MacNaughton is an admirable old boy of 81, a writer and former Para who fought for his country and now seeks to defend our democracy by campaigning for the Brexit Party.
He wasn’t even standing for office ­yesterday. Yet he became some virtue­signalling  halfwit’s target.
The Sun happens to think Jeremy Corbyn is a dangerous extremist leading a racist party. We don’t want him hit by eggs or milkshakes either.
These assaults are not trivial.
They are attacks on our democracy, richly deserving a short jail stretch.
Brexit Party pensioner covered in milkshake by YOB outside European election polling station


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