Brit Jihadi Jack tells of watching ‘horrific’ public beheadings in ISIS stronghold Raqqa

Brit Jihadi Jack tells of watching 'horrific' public beheadings in ISIS stronghold Raqqa

A BRITISH ISIS convert dubbed Jihadi Jack has told how he watched “horrific” public executions as his fellow fanatics hanged victims from bridges or cut off their heads.
Oxford-born Jack Letts, now 23, fled England when he was 18 and joined the terror group in Iraq and then Syria.
PA:Press Association Jack Letts revealed the horrors he witnessed in Iraq and Syria
He said the first execution he saw was in Fallujah, which was under ISIS control before they were driven out.
Jack told ITV News: “They hung someone from a bridge, which was horrific.”
He saw more gruesome killings when he moved to Raqqa, the terrorists’ former stronghold in Syria.
He said: “In Raqqa every few days it happened.
“People choose to go and watch it, but I didn’t use to do that.
“But I’ve seen it. There’s a place where they used to kill people a lot.
“They killed a foreigner – an ISIS member. I saw them cut his head off.
“Any human who sees this is obviously going to have repulsion.”
Jack spoke out as he begged to be allowed to come back to the UK.
He said he has not spoken to his mum in two years and misses home comforts such as pasties and Doctor Who.
Jack, locked in a Kurdish jail for two years after trying to flee to Turkey, says he now opposes ISIS.
But he admitted he thought the 2015 Paris atrocity was a “good thing”.
He said: “To be honest, if I’m going to start a new part of my life I don’t want to start it on a lie.
“At the time I thought it was a good thing.”
He said he saw children burn in Raqqa air raids and believed the 130 murders were justified until he realised they had “nothing to do with it”.
Jack used the name Abu Mohammed while with ISIS, married an Iraqi woman and fathered a son – although he claims he’s never seen the child.
He has previously said he tried to kill himself because conditions in his 6ft by 3ft cell were so bad.
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His father, organic farmer John Letts, and mum Sally Lane are awaiting trial at the Old Bailey accused of funding terrorism by sending cash to their runaway son.
His interview comes a week after runaway ISIS teen Shamima Begum said she wants to come back to the UK to raise her newborn child.
Unlike her, Jihadi Jack has not been stripped of his British passport but faces likely prosecution if were ever able to return.
Collect Jihadi Jack called himself Abu Mohammed while a member of ISIS in Syria
PA:Press Association
He told ITV he misses home comforts and he would like to come back to the UK
Universal News & Sport (Europe) He left when he was just a teenager and hasn’t spoken to his parents for two years
Universal News & Sport (Europe) Jack has been locked in a Kurdish jail for the last two years
Universal News & Sport (Europe) He said that he misses pasties and Doctor Who

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