Brexiteer and Remainer Tories are close to giving power to Marxist Jeremy Corbyn

Brexiteer and Remainer Tories are close to giving power to Marxist Jeremy Corbyn

Tories in peril
DO Tories on both sides of the party grasp how close they now are to surrendering power to Corbyn?
Remainers threatening to bring down their own Government to avoid No Deal next week. Leavers are doing the same to avoid delaying or cancelling Brexit.
EPA If Corbyn gets into power, the consequences for our jobs and economy would make a No Deal Brexit look like a picnic
In the crossfire stands Theresa May who — for all her faults — insists she is determined to do right by the people, by our democracy and by the 17.4million majority who voted Leave.
The PM has made many errors. But, against mountainous odds and a Remainer-dominated Parliament and civil service, she has at least followed Brexit’s inescapable logic: that it must mean exiting the EU’s main institutions, the single market and customs union.
The Sun will not pretend her deal is great. It is just the only one available. It gets Brexit done, as promised. And it does have merit for Leavers, whatever Tory backbenchers protest. Defeat it again and the Government could fall in a no-confidence vote.
We do not believe the Tories will win an election if panicked Remain MPs have halted Brexit, especially with Mrs May in office. They will be punished by Leavers they have failed and Remainers who have already jumped ship.
Corbyn is one of Britain’s most reviled politicians, in a crowded field. But his party — cheerleaders for the same debunked ideology now starving Venezuelans to death — could win by default if
Tory voters don’t turn out.
The consequences for our jobs and economy would make a No Deal Brexit look like a picnic. Tory MPs must wake up. This is not a parlour game. An election has never looked closer. Handing power to ­Corbyn will define your careers.
But Labour moderates should wake up too before they oppose the deal again.
They’ll be left campaigning to put an anti-Semitic Marxist extremist and terrorist sympathiser in Downing Street.
Labour’s liars
CONSIDER the rancid dishonesty of ­Labour’s Brexit position.
Getty Images – Getty Only a mug would believe Corbyn and John McDonnell have Britain’s interests at heart
They claim to be aghast at our national crisis. Except they could resolve it instantly by backing Mrs May’s deal.
Why not? They agree with almost every word, except that it does not lock us into a permanent, restrictive customs union. Oh, and it’s a “Tory Brexit”, that meaningless phrase designed to maintain the pretence that there’s difference between their positions.
Labour’s sole motive is political gain. The same reason they farcically back leaving and remaining. And why they are for and against a second referendum.
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They don’t want this crisis to end, nor an orderly Brexit. They relish chaos. It is their best chance to seize power.
Only a mug would believe Corbyn, McDonnell or the snakelike Keir Starmer have Britain’s interests at heart.
Their priority is not our country. It is imposing socialism.
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