Boys aged 2, 3, and 5 ‘never learnt to speak after dad made them live alone’

Boys aged 2, 3, and 5 'never learnt to speak after dad made them live alone'

A father dumped his five young sons to fend for themselves in an apartment and neglected them so badly they did not learn to talk, police say.
Robert Preston reportedly left the a two year-old, three year-old twin boys and a five year-old to live without any adult supervision at the filthy apartment in Dallas, Texas.
A police report written after Preston’s home was raided on February 16 said: ‘That the children were referring to one another as Robert because they did not know their own names.’

Robert Preston is said to have dumped his four young sons aged two, three and five in a filthy apartment and left them to fend for themselvesThe youngsters’ overall verbal communication skills were also poor, leaving them to communicate mainly through screams and hand gestures, police say.
Preston is said to have severely limited his children’s contact with the outside world.
Woman ‘locked pets in cages and left them to drown during river flood’A report describing the foul conditions inside the home continued: ‘The floor was filthy, unkept, and there were bottles of various types of alcohol that were left open on the floor…
‘The entire apartment reeked of feces, and the toilets of both bathrooms did not appear to have been flushed in weeks.’
Officers were called out after a neighbor spotted one of Preston’s three year-old boys wandering around shivering in the apartment complex’s parking lot.

The youngsters were found living in squalor at this apartment complex in Dallas, Texas, on February 16 (Picture: KXAS)Catherine Slade, who lives in the same complex, said she was ‘shocked and disgusted and heartbroken’ on hearing the conditions the children are said to have endured.
She told CBS11: ‘We were just crying. It just totally makes me sick someone could do something like that.’
After being arrested, Preston is said to have ‘aced as though the situation was normal.’
He has been charged with four counts of child abandonment-endangerment and is being held in jail in lieu of $80,000 bail.
Preston’s children are currently in custody of Child Protective Services.


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