Boxing news: Slow motion shows devastation of Deontay Wilder’s KO of Dominic Breazeale

Boxing news: Slow motion shows devastation of Deontay Wilder's KO of Dominic Breazeale

Wilder crushed Breazeale (Picture: Getty)Deontay Wilder’s devastating knockout of Dominic Breazeale was caught in all its splendour in slow motion replays.
The WBC champion successfully defended his title against his mandatory challenger, ending the fight with a lightning quick right hand in the first round.
Breazeale was laid out on his back from the punch and could not rise to his feet to beat the referee’s count.
Slow motion replays showed just how accurate and powerful Wilder’s shot was, with Breazeale immediately hitting the deck.

This angle of the Wilder knockout is insane
— State of Combat Podcast (@StateofCombat) May 19, 2019

Wilder broke down his knockout after the fight, explaining he saw Breazeale’s confidence slip when he first hurt him.
‘I seen Breazeale slow up a little bit, when I hit him with the right hand the first time his body language changed,’ Wilder said.
‘When you’re as experienced as me, been in the ring with so many guys and been around the world, you kind of recognise body language.

Breazeale was laid out by Wilder (Picture: Getty)‘I knew he was slowing down and the opening was opening up. You know, I’m the Bronze Bomber baby, and when I’m in Brooklyn I’m the Bronx Bomber.’
Wilder managed to get Breazeale to drop his left-hand guard with his jab, before immediately firing off the definitive right hand onto his opponent’s unprotected chin.
Despite spending less than a round in the ring, Wilder revealed he suffered an injury early on in the fight.

Wilder remains undefeated (Picture: Getty)‘I think it was a hyper extension situation, my left arm went totally numb,’ he said.
‘But in boxing you have to bluff it off and fake it. I think he sense it a little bit, he was coming on.
‘You know me, I’ll fight with a broke hand, third degree burns or a torn bicep. I’m a warrior, a true king.’
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