Bouncers tear out Crohn’s sufferer mum’s colostomy bag as ‘they thought it was threat’

Bouncers tear out Crohn's sufferer mum's colostomy bag as 'they thought it was threat'

A PATIENT with Crohn’s disease had her colostomy bag ripped out by bouncers at a nightclub who “thought it could be a threat”.
NeQueshia Davis, 30, from Texas said she had also been accused of shoplifting because of the bump made by the bag.
NeQueshia Davis / MDWfeatures Mum-of-one NeQueshia Davis had a permanent colostomy bag fitted after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease
The mum-of-one began suffering incredibly painful stomach problems six weeks into her first pregnancy.
She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease soon after and had to undergo eight operations — including the permanent fitting of the colostomy bag.
The stylist, who goes by the name Sha, says the resultant bulge under her clothes has led to a string of embarrassing incidents.
She told The Mirror: “At night clubs the guards have patted me down so rough and one time a security guard actually tore off my stoma bag after pulling at it so hard, then he questioned me on what it was.
“It can also be embarrassing when I’m in quiet places and my stoma bag passes gas, or when it needs to be emptied and looks like a balloon is sticking out of my shirt.
“I’ve had shop workers stare at me when it’s been full because they think I’ve stolen something.
“It’s been hard to adjust to life after my surgery and I find myself depressed or feeling like I’ve been set back when before I felt like I was moving forward.”
Sha said she was confused and in so much pain when she was diagnosed with Chrohn’s disease — a condition which she knew very little about before it entered her life.
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Crohn’s disease is a long-term illness in which parts of the digestive system become inflamed.
There is no cure for the condition, but treatment can help to reduce or control the symptoms.
But unpredictable flare-ups of inflammation can mean patients’ lives are seriously disrupted by the condition.
NeQueshia Davis / MDWfeatures Sha has been accused of stealing because of the bulge the bag makes under her clothes
NeQueshia Davis / MDWfeatures She started to suffer painful symptoms of the disease just six weeks into her first pregnancy
NeQueshia Davis / MDWfeatures Sha has had eight operations to help her manage the effects of Crohn’s disease
NeQueshia Davis / MDWfeatures She celebrated her 29th birthday in a custom-made dress designed to cover her stoma bag

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