Boris Johnson’s ‘lie’ was nothing compared to David Cameron’s promise that Brexit result would be FINAL – The Sun

Boris Johnson’s ‘lie’ was nothing compared to David Cameron’s promise that Brexit result would be FINAL – The Sun

ARE all the big fat fibbers of Project Fear going to be threatened with life imprisonment for the blatant lies they told during the EU referendum of 2016?
No, I didn’t think so.
8 Boris Johnson is facing three charges of misconduct for what was alleged on the big red Brexit busCredit: Getty
Lest we forget, the British people were repeatedly told that if we dared to vote Leave, unemployment would immediately soar, the economy would collapse and the UK would be plunged into recession.
It did not happen. In fact, employment stands at a record high.
So — anybody going to be hauled off to court for telling the British people pro-Remain porkies? Anybody going to be threatened with jail time for the barefaced lies of Project Fear? No chance!
And yet Boris Johnson has been ordered to appear in court because of the Brexit bus slogan stating that the UK was sending £350million a week to Brussels.
Boris faces three charges of misconduct in a public office for what was alleged on the side of that big red bus.
The charges carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
The case has been brought by a sad little man called Marcus Ball, who crowd-funded £500,000 to put Boris in the dock.
So was that bus slogan a lie? In fact, at the time of the EU referendum, we were actually sending MORE than £350million a week to our beloved masters in Brussels.
The figure was closer to £363million.
However, it is correct to state that the sum did not consider the almost £100million rebate that the UK claws back every week.
Is anybody going to be hauled off to court for telling the British people pro-Remain porkies? Tony ParsonsSun on Sunday Columnist
So the net figure was more like £250million every week — still quite a lot! And hardly a fabrication.
The Brexit bus statement is certainly truer than, say, George Osborne’s threat of soaring mass unemployment if we voted to Leave.
Michael Gove calls this court case an “attempt to criminalise free speech”. But it raises an interesting question — did YOU vote to leave because of that slogan on the side of the Brexit bus? Me neither.
The 17.4million who voted to leave all did so for their own reasons.
A longing to see the UK as a truly sovereign nation once more, making our own laws, controlling our own borders and free to forge our own destiny.
A deep distrust of the arrogant, unaccountable, unelected old geezers in Brussels who casually sneer at democracy and patriotism.
And the belief that this country would be better off trading with emerging economies such as China and India, rather than huddling together with a declining protectionist bloc in Europe.
Donald Trump praises ‘friends’ Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage
Perhaps there WERE people who were swayed by the “£350million” slogan on the side of the big red Brexit bus.
But the idea that it clinched the referendum result is absurd, a fantasy of middle-class Remainers who still believe that 17.4million voted to leave because we are thick, ignorant peasants, easily led up the garden path.
So let’s all agree that the £350million isn’t the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In 2016, the UK’s gross contribution to the EU was £18.9billion per annum — actually MORE than £350million every week!
But, yes M’lud, it is also true that we were in receipt of a rebate that reduced that figure to £250million a week.
So the bus claim was still far more accurate than, say, David Cameron looking us in the eye and promising the result of the EU referendum was final. What a whopper that turned out to be!
Call the £350million cry a campaign slogan. Call it twisting the truth to suit your argument. But I can’t see how anyone can call it a “lie”, Your Honour.
Tony Blair once assured us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could obliterate us in 45 minutes.
Now that is what you call a lie.
8 Nobody has called on David Cameron to own up to his promise that the EU referendum result would be finalCredit: Getty
​Boris Johnson is accused of misleading the public when he said leaving the EU would save Britain £350million a week
Sienna comes of age
SIENNA Miller stars in the film American Woman, released later this month, playing a single mother who raises her grandson after her daughter goes missing.
Over the course of the film, below, Sienna’s working-class character ages from thirtysomething party girl to world weary fortysomething.
8 Sienna Miller’s performance in American Woman is jaw-droppingly brilliantCredit: Getty
Sienna’s performance is jaw-droppingly brilliant.
And I defy anyone to watch it without thinking of next year’s Oscars.
8 She plays a working-class single mother who raises her grandson after her daughter goes missingCredit: Roadside Attractions / Supplied by LMK
London’s roots are in English soil
JOHN Cleese, 79, is dead wrong to claim that London is “not really an English city any more”.
London is the capital of the world and the capital of Europe. But it is still every inch the capital of England.
8 John Cleese recently came under fire for saying that London is ‘not really an English city any more’Credit: Getty
I have lived here or very nearby for all of my life.
And even though I hear two languages before I leave the breakfast table, London has always felt like England to me. True, the world comes to London.
For business and fun, to live and to love, and to put down roots. But those roots are in English soil.
There is no mystery about what happened to London – our capital embraced the world.
The real mystery is, whatever happened to grumpy old John Cleese?
Simon’s winning smileMY dentist always tells me that whenever you have cosmetic dentistry done, it is important to make the new gnashers look just like the old gnashers – just slightly better.
Simon Cowell obviously goes to a different dentist.
Possibly the same dentist that did Jim Carrey’s teeth in The Mask.

Vast Tory contest is milking it
SUN reader John Collins writes from Essex to ponder who is going to deliver his morning pint of semi-skimmed when his milkman formally declares that he is running to be the new Tory leader.
The field is certainly getting a bit crowded, John. The Tory leadership race increasingly resembles one of those long queues to reach the summit of Mount Everest.
8 The Tory leadership race is getting a bit overcrowded but there are certainly some interest characters running itCredit: Alamy
What is most interesting about the quest for the Tory leadership is that the hopefuls are revealing personal details about themselves that they would have kept quiet a few years ago.
Rory Stewart has revealed that he smoked opium in Iran.
This follows Jeremy Hunt’s revelation that he once drank a cannabis lassi.
Whatever next? Esther McVey out on the tiles with Iggy Pop? Michael Gove’s wild weekends with Keith Richards?
School’s outLOTS of moaning and groaning because six Radio 2 DJs all went off on holiday at the same time.
But as any parent will testify, holidays revolve around school holidays when you have kids.
Our daughter goes to university next year and for the first time in 13 years we will no longer be tied down by the school calendar. I can’t wait.
I am so sick of finding Radio 2 DJs have left their towels on all the sunbeds.

So much for all shapes and sizes
LOVE Island bosses vowed that they wanted all different “shapes and sizes” in this year’s line-up.
“We try to be as representative and diverse as possible,” says Love Island boss Richard Cowles.
8 Love Island pledged to give viewers a more diverse cast but so far the only variation is between whether the girls are gorgeous or beautiful and whether the guys have six-packs or eight-packsCredit: ITV
Can you sense a “but” coming?
“But first and foremost it’s an entertainment show,” Richard elaborates.
“We also want them to be attracted to each other.”
So Love island has ended up with a gloriously diverse line-up. Some of the boys have six-packs. But some, like Scots gym owner Anton Danyluk, 24, appear to have at least an eight-pack.
Some of the girls are gorgeous, such as Geordie beauty therapist Amber Gill, 21, while others are beautiful, like Irish scientist Yewande Biala, 23.
There’s nothing like a bit of diversity.
And Love Island is nothing like a bit of diversity.
Decency? Labour’s lost itONLY two political parties have ever been investigated by the UK’s racism watchdog – the BNP and now the Labour Party.
The Equality and Human Rights Commission will formally look into whether Labour has “unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised people because they are Jewish”.
First Labour severed all contact with the working class.
Then Labour lost contact with human decency.

Time to place your Brex
VOTERS in Peterborough go to the polls on June 6 to replace disgraced Labour MP Fiona Onasanya, who lost her seat after doing time for perverting the course of justice.
The bookies – the most reliable pundits on the planet – suggest this Peterborough by-election will give the Brexit Party its first MP with their candidate, Peterborough local Mike Greene.
8 Bookies are predicting that voters in Peterborough will give the Brexit Party its first MP to replace disgraced Fiona OnasanyaCredit: AFP or licensors
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His odds are 4/9 ON.
Labour are in second place with best odds of 6/4, while the Tories – who held the seat between 2005 and 2017 – are a long shot at 33/1.
A Brexit Party MP will be the biggest earthquake in British politics for a generation.
The European Elections were just the starting gun.
The British people feel totally betrayed by the British establishment. And the people are about to take their revenge.
Shamed MP Fiona Onasanya begs voters to let her keep her job as she faces being booted out of Parliament


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