Boris Johnson’s back as The Leaver Leader as Tories fear election defeat and the extinction of their party

Boris Johnson's back as The Leaver Leader as Tories fear election defeat and the extinction of their party

BRITAIN stands humiliated on the world stage, its Prime Minister distrusted by her own MPs and begging for help from a Marxist leader of an anti-Semitic party who is pledged to destroy her.
Three long years after the UK voted Out, demoralised Tories fear election defeat and the extinction of their party.
Tories of all shades now want charismatic Boris Johnson back as The Leaver Leader
Yet despite clarion calls for her to go, Theresa May clings to office. She promises to quit Downing Street, but only when she is ready.
Nothing less than a full-scale Cabinet revolt, or a mass protest by Tory MPs, will persuade her to go sooner.
Her aim is to make it to the Tory Party conference in October — just as her 12 months’ grace expires after the last failed leadership challenge — and wave goodbye to a grateful party on her own terms.
Increasingly angry critics want this over and done with. Which explains why so many are “buying Boris”.
Until recently, BoJo’s dream of another bid for the top job looked fanciful.
Remainers — including Mrs May herself — were determined to stop him. Today, Tories of all shades are thinking the unthinkable.
Boris is a proven winner who twice scored surprise victories as Mayor of Labour-leaning London.
Grey-suited MPs who wanted “Anyone But Boris” suddenly identify him as the only one who might keep them off the dole.
Yes, the gaffe-prone ex-Foreign Secretary comes with baggage — a chaotic private life and a history of ragged judgement. But for Tory voters, he remains head and shoulders above all other runners and riders.
They want a Leaver as leader. BoJo is the man who delivered Brexit. More than half the adult population supported Out in 2016. Those votes are up for grabs.
Even in his fifties, he has the breezy optimism that might appeal to young voters who are deserting the Tories in their droves.
BoJo is already a household name. His rivals are virtually unknown.He is also perhaps the only politician who can see off Nigel Farage and his new Brexit Party. Remainers may have won the battle in the Commons but they know they are certainly doomed without this Great Communicator’s charismatic appeal.
Which might explain why arch-Remainer Amber Rudd, with a wafer-thin majority of 346, is talking up a “BAmber” ticket for the man she once warned: “You can’t trust him to take you home.”
Boris will think twice before linking up with Ms Rudd, who will not be forgiven for busting Cabinet unity to sabotage Brexit.
But his leadership quest is back with a bang after last week’s crisis Cabinet meeting — and this time Leave-supporting ministers are in the dock as much as Remainers.
If Brexit was a mess before their seven-hour marathon, it was in total chaos afterwards.
Having argued for No Deal, 14 of them turned turtle and agreed to talks with Jeremy Corbyn.
They left the door open to Britain staging EU elections in May, with Nigel Farage the only winner.
In turn we would spend years in protracted talks with Brussels, kissing goodbye to £39billion as a down payment while losing any say in EU decision-making.
We might even end up with a second referendum.
It is surely worth asking how on earth is abject capitulation better than a No Deal Brexit?
Why would the world’s fifth largest economy surrender to Brussels rather than risk temporary disruption on World Trade Organisation rules successfully adopted by other nations?
“Britain is a very attractive proposition for foreign investors,” says a senior Tory.
“A wall of money is waiting to flood into Britain the moment we sort this out.”
More than half the Cabinet argued on these grounds in favour of No Deal.
Yet after passionate interventions from Michael Gove and Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, they agreed to invite Jezza along for talks — the man who wants to destroy capitalism and counts Hamas as “friends”.
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For many Tory MPs, Corbyn’s place at the top table is the ultimate betrayal.
They want Theresa May out — fast — and Boris in.
A courageous Cabinet might yet bite the bullet. Just don’t hold your breath.
Brexit masqueradeWE know Theresa May is a Remainer masquerading as a Brexit Prime Minister, while Jeremy Corbyn is pretending to be pro-European.
She insists Britain must honour its referendum vote to leave the EU. Corbyn is a lifelong Eurosceptic who believes the Grand Project is a big business conspiracy against the workers.
For Mrs May, any deal that gets us over the line is a victory. Jezza, who probably voted Out, will secretly agree.

AP:Associated Press Tories want Theresa May out as soon as possible and see Boris as the only who can keep them off the dole
PA:Press Association Boris Johnson is perhaps the only politician who can see off Nigel Farage and his new Brexit Party
Boris Johnson favourite to be next PM after ‘teaming up with arch-Remainer Amber Rudd’


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