Boris Johnson sets out pitch to be PM as Cabinet battles over future of Brexit

Boris Johnson sets out pitch to be PM as Cabinet battles over future of Brexit

BORIS Johnson has laid out his stall to be Britain’s next Prime Minister – as the Cabinet squabble over what to do about Brexit.
The ex-Foreign Secretary vowed to get behind police, cut taxes and get more young Brits houses if he were given the top job.
Getty Images – Getty Boris Johnson is go for the leadership of the Tories
In his latest Daily Telegraph column this morning, Boris said a No Deal Brexit was the best option now, but he will accept an interim solution to get out now and “fix it” later.
“We need to get Brexit done, because we have so much more to do, and so much more that unites the Conservative party than divides us,” he wrote.
And as his fellow leadership rivals Sajid Javid, Jeremy Hunt and Amber Rudd spend today trying to sort out Brexit, he’s urging the Tories to focus on the other issues that matter to the people of Britain.
Praising the NHS, Britain’s military prowess and the number of first-time buyers increasing under the current Government’s watch, he said more needed to be done to bring the country back together again.
He urged his colleagues to:

He wrote: “Above all, we need to start believing in Conservatism, and in what Tories can really do for this country; and the first step is to stop running ourselves down, and to start believing in Britain.
“This is by far the most innovative and exciting economy in this hemisphere: the intellectual, technical, artistic and cultural powerhouse of Europe. If we can get Brexit done, and get it done right, there is a huge tide of investment waiting to come.”
But first,the Tories needed to do all they can to prevent a Jeremy Corbyn government, he added, who would be an “economic calamity” for the country.
“He is a semi-Marxist anti-Semitism-condoning apologist for the Kremlin. We cannot let him anywhere near power in this country,” he said.
And today even ex-PM Tony Blair said Boris would beat Mr Corbyn in a battle for No10.
The former Labour PM said the ex-Foreign Secretary was a “formidable campaigner”. And he predicted victory for the Tories under him if Labour retains Jeremy Corbyn’s “revolutionary” politics.
Boris will be up against several Tory big beasts if he decides to throw his hat into the ring officially to replace Theresa May as PM.
But a poll of Tory members from ConservativeHome yesterday had Mr Johnson ahead of all his rivals to replace her – with 22 per cent of the vote.
Ex-Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab is close behind him on 18 per cent of the vote, and Michael Gove got 14 per cent.
AFP or licensors Dominic Raab is one of the hardline Brexiteers who could challenge Boris for the top job
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The PM said last week she will step down if MPs vote for her Brexit deal – in a last ditch bid to get them on side.
But her attempt failed again last week and her deal still didn’t get enough votes to pass.
Today MPs will vote on what they think their Plan B for Brexit should be.
Last week they failed to come to any agreement on what they want to see – with the most popular options likely to be a form of customs union or a second Brexit referendum to keep us on.
The PM is set to bring back her Brexit deal for one final vote against whatever wins in the Commons tonight – if anything does.
Soft Brexit is inevitable, Theresa May’s enforcer Julian Smith admits

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