Boris Johnson must convince voters he’s serious and statesmanlike enough to be PM – The Sun

Boris Johnson must convince voters he’s serious and statesmanlike enough to be PM – The Sun

Happy slapping
IF there’s one electorate guaranteed to cheer on the candidate who best insults the French, it’s Tory members.
And Boris Johnson has succinctly voiced what many think of Macron’s government spearheading the EU’s mission to punish Britain and stop Brexit.
3 Boris Johnson must convince voters he’s serious and statesmanlike enough to be PMCredit: Getty – Pool
It is, of course, France’s politicians Boris insulted, not its people.
And the haters fainting with horror at his bluntness should get a grip.
Eurocrats have gratuitously abused Brexiteers for three years. Macron called the Leave campaign “liars”.
EU chief Donald Tusk said they were going to hell.
If you dish it out, expect some back.
Boris DOES still have a job to do to convince voters he is serious and statesmanlike enough to be PM.
On that score, many are more taken with Jeremy Hunt.
But for decades our over-cautious ­politicians and their spin doctors have manicured their public statements to the point of meaninglessness. Theresa May is paralysed by it.
The country is ready for a new, confident leader speaking his mind.

Suicide vote
REMAINER Tories are driving their party towards potential election catastrophe.
Dominic Grieve’s insane plot to block pensions and benefits, hoping to blackmail our new PM into avoiding No Deal, might as well be a Tory suicide note.
3 Dominic Grieve’s plan will divide the Tory party even moreCredit: Reuters
We wonder if he and his allies still consider themselves Conservatives at all.
Three have already left. And Margot James, the dud Digital Minister, speaks for more when she says she prefers a Lib Dem leadership wannabe to Boris.
They are devotedly pro-EU, pro-high tax, pro-nanny state hectoring of the low-paid and addicted to virtue signalling.
No wonder they struggle in a party bent on delivering Brexit and cutting tax.
Johnson or Hunt will be at the mercy of these MPs as long as the Tories have almost no majority.Anything could happen at an election.
But at least it would force the Remain diehards to be honest and jump ship.

Enemy within
JEREMY Corbyn should ignore Armed Forces Day today. At least he’d be consistent.
How can he celebrate our troops after spending the 1980s cheerleading for their IRA murderers?
3 If Jeremy Corbyn ignored Armed Forces Day today, at least he’d be consistentCredit: PA:Press Association
After demanding MORE defence cuts in 2010?
After voting against every UK military action, including in the Falklands?
When he wants to abandon our nukes — and believes it would be ­“wonderful if every politician took pride in the fact they don’t have an army”?
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Armed Forces Day gives us all a chance to support those who risk their lives keeping us safe.
Corbyn has made his true feelings about them clear.
His attendance at any event today will be seen as the cynical stunt it is.
Boris Johnson says nobody has been offered a government job yet


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