Boris Johnson must answer HOW he’ll deliver Brexit and a better deal in just 100 days – The Sun

Boris Johnson must answer HOW he’ll deliver Brexit and a better deal in just 100 days – The Sun

BORIS Johnson is facing a stark ultimatum from hardline Tory MPs — deliver Brexit by Halloween or we join Nigel Farage.
As we reveal today, this startling threat has come from the European Research Group, some of his closest allies on the Tory backbenches.
2 Boris Johnson must tell us how is he going to get Britain out of the EU on October 31 AND improve Theresa May’s deal in 100 daysCredit: Reuters
So even before he has been handed the keys to Number 10 BoJo is getting a hard lesson in the brutal realities of power.
The former Foreign Secretary has himself acknowledged that the very survival of the Tory party depends on Britain quitting by October 31, deal or no deal.
In his own catch phrase, “If you kick the can, you kick the bucket”.
But he has also assured Remainer supporters that he believes that he can secure a bold new deal that will command sufficient support in the House.
Meanwhile, EU negotiators believe that there is not enough time for Britain to hit the deadline and are planning for yet another extension.
If Boris wins he will enter Downing Street on July 22, exactly 100 days before we are due to leave Europe.
So how will he reshape Theresa May’s failed deal and resolve the row over the Northern Ireland backstop in a time-frame which is tighter than his waistband used to be?
His answer to this question in Tuesday’s leadership debate will be fascinating.
Over to you, Boris. No pressure!
Bloated Beeb’s greed
THE BBC has only itself to blame for the furious backlash against its shameful decision to scrap free TV licences for millions of pensioners.
The corpulent corporation claims it is short of money while lavishing exorbitant sums on its managers and C-list stars.
2 The BBC should take a look at left-wing cronies eye-watering salaries before kicking poor pensioners in the teethCredit: Alamy
Profligate executives such as former Labour Minister James Purnell, the BBC’s Director of Radio and Education, are prime examples of its wasteful ways.
Mr Purnell dealt directly with BBC bosses when he was Gordon Brown’s Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.
But that did not prevent him walking into a lucrative job with the broadcaster just a few years after quitting politics.
Since joining in 2013, he has been paid a staggering £1.6million.
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And to add insult to injury he recently racked up a bill of £4,000 in expenses for a four-day trip to San Francisco.
Mr Purnell is not the first Left-wing crony to earn an eye-watering salary from the Corporation while viewers desert it in droves for the likes of Netflix.
The BBC should put its own house in order before kicking poor pensioners in the teeth.
Ricky Tomlinson joins battle to save free TV licences for over-75s


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