Boris Johnson is the right choice for our next PM and would change the UK for the better like Thatcher and Churchill – The Sun

Boris Johnson is the right choice for our next PM and would change the UK for the better like Thatcher and Churchill – The Sun

BORIS is the right answer to lead the Conservative party and, more importantly, the nation.
In the midst of a constitutional crisis someone who believes in democracy is essential.
5 Boris Johnson will back the British people’s wisdom in deciding to vote to leaveCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The determined efforts of the British establishment is to stop Brexit.
The weakness of the government and the desire of some MPs to set their faces against the people has changed the Brexit debate from one about our future European relationship to a question of who governs and how.
Boris believes in the British people and will back their wisdom in deciding to vote to leave.
He will ensure we depart on 31st October.
This will begin the process of reuniting the nation.
Most people, leavers and remain as alike, accept the result of elections.
The bitter arguments have come about as a minority has tried to thwart the popular will.
Boris showed in London, where he was twice elected, that he could unite a city in his support and he has a charisma that as Mayor led people of all political persuasions to cheer him.
This makes him a winner and crucially he can stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister, this will benefit Tory MPs who currently worry about losing their seats but, even more importantly, will save the nation from economic ruin.
Boris has the capability and vision to lead. Beyond Brexit, as he showed as Mayor, he cut taxes, built houses and reduced violent crime. Crucially he delivered on his promises.
Throughout our history it has been big figures who have changed the country for the better.
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Prime ministers such as Chatham, Disraeli and Thatcher, not to mention Pitt and Churchill, improved our standing in the world and our living standards.
They were not interested in managing decline.
Backing Boris brings Brexit and builds a better Britain, he must be the right choice.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is MP for North East Somerset

5 Margaret Thatcher sits at her desk in Downing Street in 1990Credit: PA:Press Association/PA Images
5 Winston Churchill led Britain to victory in the Second World WarCredit: Getty – Contributor
5 Benjamin Disraeli was prime minister twice, in 1868 and 1874Credit: Hulton Archive – Getty
Donald Trump backs Boris Johnson to be Britain’s next PM


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