Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt promising Brexit ‘deal or no deal’ is the backbone Britain needs – The Sun

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt promising Brexit ‘deal or no deal’ is the backbone Britain needs – The Sun

No Deal works
HOW much Theresa May’s weak Brexit strategy has cost us is becoming more apparent by the day.
Take the Irish government, who have been arguing against any changes to the Withdrawal Agreement ever since the current PM took No Deal off the table.
4 No10 contenders Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have shown some much-needed Brexit backboneCredit: BBC
But with Boris or Jeremy about to take over and promising Brexit “deal or no deal”, the Irish have stepped up preparations for a clean break, acknowledged that Ireland would suffer and that the precious backstop would disappear.
That fact alone suggests we DO have a chance of renegotiating the existing agreement. We, like both candidates, would prefer that outcome. But it’s only by finally showing some backbone that we’ve even a hope of any amendments.
That Britain even entertained the idea of entering these negotiations without the ability to walk away will be looked on by historians with bafflement.
There are precious few people left in Europe who think No Deal would leave the continent without a scratch.
So as Britain finally shows some resolve, we hope sense will prevail and the agreement will be looked at again.
But we have been here before.
Action stations
IT’S heartening to hear warm words of support for The Sun’s Veterans’ Pledge from both Jeremy Hunt and the Defence Secretary, Penny Mordaunt.
As we reveal today, though, actions are more important. There are too many who have bravely served our country but fall through the gaps.
We are convinced that real change will only happen with a Cabinet Minister drawing together the whole of the Government’s efforts, and if charities are given the support they need.
We cannot fail those who never failed us.
Security alert
WE’VE got little sympathy for British Airways, whose data debacle put passengers’ personal information at risk.
But the fine handed down — of nearly £200million — is eye-watering. Firms of a much smaller scale would lack the ability to absorb a similar financial hit.
4 British Airways was fined £183m after card details of 400,000 customers were stolen from the airline’s website and appCredit: Alamy
The Information Commissioner now has the power to really stick the boot in when companies fail to keep data safe.
That power must be used wisely.
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Build a future
ANOTHER day, another damning indictment of our broken housing market.
The crippling lack of supply is leaving the lowest-paid choosing between a roof over their head or food to eat.
4 Our housing market is so broken that families are forced to choose between a roof over their head or food to eatCredit: PA:Press Association
We’ve heard precious little from either Boris or Jeremy Hunt on how they’d tackle our biggest domestic priority.
The country is all ears.
Boris Johnson says ‘no more defeatism’ and warns Brexit must not be treated like a ‘plague of boils’


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