Boris Becker reveals what Djokovic really thinks about Federer-Nadal semi

Boris Becker reveals what Djokovic really thinks about Federer-Nadal semi

The world No.1 could have a big advantage if he makes Sunday’s final (Picture: Getty)Boris Becker believes Novak Djokovic will be secretly very happy that old foes Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will be duking it out after him on Centre Court in the other Wimbledon semi-final.
The world No.1 is first up on Friday, taking on Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut in the last four, with Federer and Nadal then going head-to-head on grass for the first time since their famous final in 2008.
While Djokovic still needs to win a tough match-up against a player who has had joy against him recently, Becker says he’ll be very happy with how things have worked out.

Nadal and Federer face off at Wimbledon for the first time in 11 years (Picture: Getty)Speaking on the BBC, Becker – who used to coach Djokovic – explained: ‘He had a difficult first week, I thought he was not playing as well, but each match he plays, he plays better.
‘And he just likes the fact that there’s a semi-final that may last a couple of hours, while he’s playing first on Friday against Bautista Agut. I think his mindset is, “Hmmm, not bad!”’
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On whether it is a foregone conclusion that Djokovic wins, he continued: ‘Absolutely not. Bautista Agut loves playing Novak. In fact, he’s beaten him twice this year – at the beginning of the year and in Miami at the Masters. So he’s got his number.
‘Why? Because Bautista Agut is a great mover himself, he’s a very diverse player, he can take out the tempo, he can accelerate, he’s not afraid to go long and he’s also not afraid – he’s a veteran – of big names. So Novak’s got to be careful, he’s going to give him a good match.’

Bautista Agut has beaten Djokovic in both Miami and Qatar this year (Picture: Getty)Seven-time Grand Slam champ John McEnroe was rather more dismissive, saying: ‘He’s got a big forehand and he’s a gamer and he’s extremely fit. But come on, that would be a monumental upset despite the fact he’s beaten him twice.
‘It’s a different story playing Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon in a best-of-five sets match than playing in Dubai or wherever. Listen, I’ve always had a lot of respect for Bautista Agut, but…’
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