Borderlands 3 release date, trailer, teasers and more

Borderlands 3 release date, trailer, teasers and more

GEARBOX has FINALLY revealed that Borderlands 3 is on the way.
They confirmed the name of the new game in a trailer shown off as PAX East after one of the most painful presentations in the history of such reveals.
Gearbox Some old friends are coming back to lend a hand…
There were some new heroes showcased in colour after the black-and-white tease from yesterday, as well as a whole bunch of environments.
Expect to be shooting your way through swamps, desert and cities to name a few — with everything from mechs to ATKs to roll around in.
More details on the game — including presumably some info on the vast array of characters we’ve just been shown but know nothing about, is promised on April 3.
Perhaps Gearbox might even deign to suggest when the game is coming out… you never know.
Gearbox …and some new enemies are standing in your way
The news came after a lot of waiting.
After months of rumours and five years in development, March 12 saw the first teaser for the announcement posted.
That just pointed to Boston, MA, and March 28 — which just so happens to be the day PAX East starts and the city that’s hosting it.
It was presented in Borderlands traditional cel-shaded art style, and got fans a little bit worked up.
A second teaser showing off Claptrap didn’t offer any more information.

‘Lovable’ robot Claptrap has been a fan ‘favourite’ for many years

However, a short teaser video did offer up a few more glimpses and details of the world to come.
It featured panning shots of monochrome character models, arranged in the shape of a giant raider mask, one of the series’ signature looks.
There are existing characters in there, including Claptrap, mechanic Ellie and Sir Hammerlock, as well as familiar enemies.
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There are also a whole lot we don’t recognise whose identities seem likely to be revealed at some point soon.
There will be a live stream of Gearbox’s presentation from PAX starting at 6 p.m. UK time on March 28 — the time difference to Boston is currently only four hours because the US has switched to summer time and the UK has not.
We will update you with more information as it comes in.

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Trailer shows off Borderlands 2 VR gameplay in action


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