Bonkers YouTuber makes a working PC out of PASTA in bizarre stunt

Bonkers YouTuber makes a working PC out of PASTA in bizarre stunt

A YOUTUBER has built a computer out of pasta and it actually works.
The carb based device contains hardware from a tablet layered into a lasagna shape with pasta sheets and glue.
YouTube/ Laplanet Arts The finished product looked just like lasagna
Tech YouTuber Micah Laplante released a video of his creation and how it works on his YouTube channel Laplanet Arts.
Laplante was inspired to make the pasta PC after his wife made a joke about it.
He wrote in the caption on his YouTube video: “My wife said something one day joking about making a PC out of Pasta… Never joke with me on such things because I may just do it… and do it I have.
“Behold… The LASAGNA PC V.1 Clickbait you say?! NAY! This is the real deal. The first ever crazy PC build on this Channel, and the first ever Pasta PC in the world. You’re welcome.”
YouTube/ Laplanet Arts The pasta PC contained hardware from an old tablet
The lasagna computer was made possible because Laplante had access to a broken Asus Transformer tablet, which he could take essential components from and rebuild them in a pasta casing.
The PC is actually made from lasagna sheets, rigatoni, hot glue, tape and paint so it is far from edible.
It is, however, a functioning computer.
Laplante had a few issues with getting the PC to work, such as Windows not working at first and the age of the original tablet causing some functions to lag.
Other than that, the lasagna computer was a fully functioning pasta PC.

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