B&M shoppers reveal their 22 favourite products

B&M shoppers reveal their 22 favourite products

THE best and worst B&M products have been revealed by fans of the discount retailer.
Wallpaper and bedding were voted the best items to buy when you’re shopping at the chain, while own-brand candles, furniture and sandwiches were given the thumbs down.
The Sun Bedding, make-up sponges and wallpaper were all given a thumbs up but scented candles, food and furniture were voted down by some B&M shoppers
B&M is one of the most popular discount stores in the UK, with 600 shops across the country after first launching in Lancashire in 1978.
It has a cult following amongst bargain hunters, who have set up Facebook groups dedicated to sharing money-saving tips and deals at the chain.
Now, they’ve revealed their favourite and least favourite products on sale at the chain in a Facebook poll created by LatestDeals.co.uk on behalf of The Sun.
The item with the most votes was B&M’s huge range of wallpaper, which starts from £7.99 a roll.
B&M B&M’s wallpaper was voted shoppers’ favourite product at the discount chain
The 13 best B&M productsSHOPPERS voted for their favourite B&M products, which were, in order:

Make-up brush sets
Dried dog food
Kids DVDs
Kids toys
Picture frames
Branded food
Baking ingredients

B&M Make-up sponges and brushes were also highly rated by B&M customers
B&M Bedding at B&M was also popular with shoppers
Shoppers said the wallpaper is cheaper than many other large DIY shops and there’s a good range of styles.
Bedding, which starts from £2.99, was also popular with fans, as was make-up brushes and sponges, which can be priced at £1.
Fans said B&M was also a good place to shop for branded food, which is usually cheaper than at other stores, as well as kids toys and DVDs.
But the chain does have some dud products too, according to the shoppers.
The worst products to buy at B&MFANS of B&M don’t like everything the shop sells. Here’s the items they don’t think are worth picking up:

Essence scented candles
Any food
Vacuum cleaners

B&M Essence Scented Candles were given the thumbs down by B&M shoppers
The worst products that B&M sells, according to these shoppers, are its Essence own-brand candles, which start from 50p.
One said that they “don’t have a scent” and only burn in the middle of the candle.
Next on their hit list was B&M’s range of furniture, which starts from £7.99.
Several people complained it broke easily or had missing pieces when they bought it from the chain.
B&M Shoppers claim that B&M isn’t a great place to do your food shop as they don’t rate its products
B&M Furniture was also voted down by B&M fans
A few also warned against buying any food from the chain – because stores often have out-of-date products on the shelves, they claimed.
B&M declined to comment when we asked.
Not everyone will agree with the findings, as taste is subjective after all.
B&M sells a range of well-known brands but the shoppers’ list of best and worst products mostly applies to the chain’s own-brand items.
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