B&M is selling gin and tonic sorbet and rum and cola ice lollies

B&M is selling gin and tonic sorbet and rum and cola ice lollies

IF you’re looking to cool down during the hot weather you may want to head down to B&M where it’s selling boozy ice lollies.
The discount retailer, alongside Heron Foods, is selling a four-pack of rum and cola Calippo-style ice creams with a hint of lime for £1.59 – or about 39p a lolly.
B&M is selling boozy ice lollies that will be perfect for summer
Both retailers also have a two-pack of gin and tonic sorbets with a hint of lemon served in flute glasses for £1.59 – or 79p an ice cream.
Perfect for sunny garden parties and family get-togethers – and if the weather turns you can always stick them in the freezer for the next sunny spell.
But bear in mind that they both have an alcohol content of 3 per cent ABV, which means you may need ID proving that you’re 18 or over to buy them.
B&M says its stores and Heron Foods stores operate a “Challenge 25” policy, which means you can be asked to show ID if staff think you look younger than 25-years-old.
B&M You get four 70g rum and cola lollies in a pack
In Scotland, B&M says prices may differ from store to store due to different rules around the selling of alcohol.
Each 70g rum and cola lolly contains 57 calories, while the 65g gin and tonic sorbets contains 120 calories.

The average man should eat around 2,500 calories a day, according to NHS guidelines, while it’s 2,000 for a woman.
Both of the treats are available in store at B&M and Heron Foods and are subject to availability. Use B&M’s store locator tool and Heron Foods store locator tool to find your nearest.
B&M You get two gin and tonic sorbets per box in these new B&M treats
Shoppers on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, where one user first spotted the icy desserts, can’t wait to get their hands on them.
One person wrote: “I need the rum ones”. While someone else said: “Spotted these, defo trying”.
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Tesco is also selling Gordon’s Gin and Lime pop ices but these cost £3 for a box of two and they only have a 0.5 per cent alcohol content.
Sainsbury’s also sells gin and tonic ice lollies – its cost £3 for a box of four but they have a higher alcohol content than B&M and Tesco at 4.5 per cent.
And if gin’s not your thing, Asda is selling cider-flavoured ice lollies and these don’t actually contain any booze.
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