B&M is selling £2 sun screen wipes for dogs to keep them safe during sunny weather

B&M is selling £2 sun screen wipes for dogs to keep them safe during sunny weather

YOUR pets can be vulnerable to the sun just as you can.According to Zaila Dunbar, Petplan Vet of the Year 2012, pets can struggle to cope with rising temperatures, just as humans do, and it is important to protect them from the sun’s rays as well.
So sun screen for pets, sun hats and keeping them in the shade can all help prevent sun burn and sun stroke.
Here’s what you need to know:
Do all pets need sun cream?
Ms Dunbar says all dogs require protection from the sun but it’s predominantly light-coloured dogs and hairless breeds or those with little or finer fur, such as Whippets and Chinese Cresteds, that need it most.
Petplan Vet of the Year 2013, Brian Faulkner, adds it’s not just dogs and that any light-coloured animal can get sun burned, including cats and rabbits.
Do you rub sun cream on fur or just on skin?
Like humans, dogs’ ears, nose, groins and belly are their more sensitive and vulnerable areas so it’s here the sun screen needs to be mostly applied.
Mr Faulkner also recommends checking between your pet’s toes and to look out for any “hot spots” on the skin.
What are the signs of sun burn or skin cancer on pets?
Dogs’ skin also turns red and looks more tender if it is burned.
Also look for dry, cracked skin and check if your dog scratches itself excessively and immediately whimpers afterwards, as that can also be a sign.
If you’re really concerned, take your pet to your vet.


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