Bloody woman screams after ‘being attacked by SCISSORS’ in a supermarket

Bloody woman screams after 'being attacked by SCISSORS' in a supermarket

THIS is the horrifying moment a terrified mum screams for her life as she is sliced with SCISSORS in a supermarket.
The woman scrambles across the floor as blood cascades down her cheeks while she is viciously attacked in the Dublin convenience store.
Unknown The attacker stamps on the woman as she lies helpless on the ground
Meanwhile her sobbing daughter can be heard screaming “mum” as they try to flee in sickening footage.
The distressed daughter then yanks the woman away from her assailant’s clutches and drags her across the aisles on her back.DISTRESSED DAUGHTER
Once she’s stood up, the woman then throws a pineapple at her opponent followed by a stand of chocolates in a frantic effort to escape.
Her daughter can be heard screaming, “Get out of the shop, get out of the shop” as they stumble around before the clip ends.
The clip was filmed on February 4 in a Centra store in the Irish capital.
It opens with a woman on her back repeatedly kicking out with her legs.
Viewers on social media have been disgusted by the clip – with many calling for the attackers to be arrested.
Luke Connors responded online: “The moment you pull a knife [is] the moment you’re a good for nothing tramp.”
Karen Cummins commented: “The poor daughter screaming.”
Amy Lynch said: “F****** shocking.”
Paula Spain commented: “My blesses that’s f****** terrible, her poor daughter screaming her heart out. Shocking a disrespectful in a shop.”
Tia Channelle Moore said: “What the actual f***? Have these people been arrested?”
Boyd Jojo said: “Disgusting carry on, cutting a woman’s face and him saying get on her f****** cowardly f*** hope she has brothers that will get them.”
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Marie Power Gallagher said: “The poor woman looked petrified thought her life was over sin to god don’t know the story behind it, but it’s wrong to do that, could have fought with her hands.”
The manager of the shop said today: “Everything has been handed over to the police.”
They declined to provide any more comment except to confirm that the incident happened on February 4.
This is the moment a terrified mum screams for her life as she is sliced with scissors in a supermarket
The attacker stamps on her victim as she lies helplessly on the ground
The woman struggles to get up as she attempts to flee
Unknown The woman’s daughter drags her away on her back as they scream for their lives
The mum and daughter throw fruit at their attackers as they make an attempt to flee
Google The attack took place at this convenience store in Dublin

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