Blokes who scoff too much meat have a 23 per cent increased risk of dying early, study shows

Blokes who scoff too much meat have a 23 per cent increased risk of dying early, study shows

BLOKES who scoff too much meat are a quarter more likely to die young, a study shows.
Researchers analysed the diets of more than 2,600 middle-aged men.
Alamy A study found that men who eat the equivalent of a large steak a day are almost a quarter more likely to die young
Fellas who ate more than 200g of meat daily – the equivalent of a large steak – had a 23 per cent higher risk of death over the next two decades, compared to those who ate less than 100g.
The participants in the study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, mainly ate red meat.
Experts warn consuming too many doner kebabs, burgers and pork chops fuels killer conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
The NHS advises Brits to limit red meat consumption to 70g daily.
Lead researcher Jyrki Virtanen, Associate Professor in Nutrition Epidemiology from the University of Eastern Finland, said: “The take home message is that high protein intake, especially if meat is the main protein source, may not be good for health.”
The analysis took other lifestyle factors, such as smoking and boozing into account.
Prof Virtanen warned high levels of saturated fats and other compounds found in meat are linked to several long-term illnesses.
Researchers said it explains why steak fans may die younger.
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Prof Virtanen added: “Replacement of healthier foods in a diet might also be one of the potential explanations.”
Red meat – such as beef, lamb and pork – is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals.
But it has also been linked to increased bowel cancer risk.
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