Bizarre virtual reality fighting game where an actual robot PUNCHES you in real life revealed

Bizarre virtual reality fighting game where an actual robot PUNCHES you in real life revealed

YOU can now be punched by a real-life robot while fighting in a virtual reality arena.
A new VR game connects to a powerful robot equipped with boxing gloves which attacks you as you fight in the game.
YouTube / James Bruton The robot packs a pretty powerful punch, so you’d better come prepared
In the game you’re a gladiator in a huge arena, fighting a giant robot with a bat and shield.
You’ve got a real shield and bat to hold and a headset to wear, with your movements tracked and shown in VR.
The robot is also plugged into the game, and its movements match the virtual robot you’re fighting.
This means that when you block a punch with your shield you’re blocking an ACTUAL punch from the robot, which has thankfully been given boxing gloves.
YouTube / James Bruton How it looks from inside the headset as you fight in the virtual arena

A video posted to YouTube shows the aggressive automaton in action, raining some pretty ferocious blows on the students who helped build it.
The belligerent bot was the brainchild of robotics engineer and YouTuber James Bruton, who enlisted the help of students from the University of Portsmouth to make it a reality.
The video also reveals exactly how the robot was built, how the game was programmed — and how you can build you very own, if you’re so inclined.
Currently it only works with the simple custom game programmed for it, but it does give us a glimpse at what the future might hold for gaming.
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The PlayStation 5 will provide games that more realistic than ever, but it seems unlikely it will go this far.
Meanwhile, Google and Microsoft seem pretty keen to get even the most hardware out of your house and have you play games from the cloud, so a huge fighting robot peripheral seems unlikely.

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