Bizarre ‘naked gaming’ suites at Japanese love hotel have dance mats, bongo drum games and even a SLIDE

Bizarre 'naked gaming' suites at Japanese love hotel have dance mats, bongo drum games and even a SLIDE

JAPAN’S famously cramped living conditions and tight family ties have led to an explosion in ‘love hotels’ where young couples can easily rent a hotel room for a few hours to indulge in activities they’d rather their parents didn’t have to listen to.
Some of these are purely functional offering little more than a bed and possibly a shower — but others have taken the simple idea and run wild with it, creating some truly outlandish places for getting it on.
Best Delight Hotels. With a bed, sofa and DDR SuperNova machine, you should be all set for the night
Best Delight Hotels. The drumming game is available for Nintendo Switch too, but the full-size controllers are a uniquely arcade experience
Hotel Eldia is definitely in the latter camp.
Their hotels across a wide swathe of Japan offer everything customers might want to keep themselves entertained, from air hockey tables and dart boards to full-size musical arcade machines.
One suite in its Kobe outpost, as spotted by Livedoor news, comes with a bed, sofa, jacuzzi and even a full-size Dance Dance Revolution Supernova arcade machine.
If you’re looking for a weekday romp accompanied by some rhythm-action gaming, the room can be yours for two hours for 6,490 yen (£44), going up to about £50 on the weekends.
Best Delight Hotels. Players can grab a pair of sticks each and beat bongos to their hearts’ content
Best Delight Hotels. PlayStation VR kits are placed in several of the flashier-looking rooms
Best Delight Hotels. One room even comes with a slide that ends up in the bathroom
Best Delight Hotels. If you’re more of a fan of old-school gaming than video games, the air hockey table is for you
Best Delight Hotels. The mini bouldering wall, complete with tasteful silver crash mats, opens up a world of possiblities
If moving your feet isn’t really your thing but you need to get your rhythm game fix, you’ve also got the option of beating on some massive bongos.
Another room is equipped with that other arcade staple, Taiko no Tatsujin, which has two giant drums in lieu of controllers.
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The fun doesn’t end there, though, with plenty of other gaming options availalbe.
As well as PlayStation VR set-up, other rooms have set-ups for naughty karaoke, dirty darts and even adult air hockey.
Finally, those looking to really work up a sweat will be glad to find one suite equipped with its own climbing wall and even a huge spiral water slide.
Best Delight Hotels. From the outside, there is little to suggest the wonders contained within Hotel Eldia


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