Bizarre deodorant ‘makes women SMELL younger’ thanks to genius scientific trick

Bizarre deodorant 'makes women SMELL younger' thanks to genius scientific trick

AN ANTI-AGEING deodorant that makes women ‘smell younger’ uses two chemical compounds that naturally occur more in younger women to create its youthful fragrance.
The Deoco brand deodorant is hugely popular in Japan with sales of the product being 60% higher than what was initially expected.
2 The Japanese deodorant is proving to be very popular
According to SoraNews24, the Japanese firm Rohto Pharmaceutical managed to isolate two chemical compounds, called Lactone C10 and C11, which naturally occur in larger quantities in the bodies of younger women.
The compounds are said to smell like peaches and coconuts so they were added to the new deodorant to give it a youthful fragrance.
Rohto have also created a range of ‘young smelling’ body soap.
Their target market is women in their 30’s and older as this is the age that women tend to stop naturally producing as much of the youthful compounds.
2 The target market for the deodorant is women that are in their 30s and olderCredit: Getty – Contributor
The Deoco deodorant is apparently also popular with men who want it to ‘smell like there is a woman around’.
Deoco body soap has now got the number one body soap position on Amazon Japan.
The unusual soap retails for just under £10.
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