Bizarre £89 ‘wearable smart sex massager’ vibrates along to your favourite songs – and can be controlled from anywhere with an app

Bizarre £89 'wearable smart sex massager' vibrates along to your favourite songs – and can be controlled from anywhere with an app

A BIZARRE new “smart sex toy” has a special musical function that lets it vibrate in time with your favourite songs.
OhMiBod’s Esca 2 will buzz along to a beat on your iPhone – or even to a track playing through a nearby speaker.
Apple The strange sex toy is described as a “wearable” gadget
Apple It can be controlled from anywhere using a mobile app, which even has an orgasm counter built in
OhMiBod describes the Esca 2 as a Bluetooth-enabled “wearable vibrator” that can be controlled from anywhere in the world.
It’s an upgraded version of the original model with special features and a larger battery capacity to support a longer play-time.
The firm even touts the sex toy as having a “durable construction”, which is designed to that the device can be used professionally by webcam performers.
It also has a “G-spot centric design” and an LED display that syncs with the massager’s vibrations to “provide visual feedback”.
Apple The sex toy will vibrate along to music playing nearby – and has an LED light that flashes in time with the buzzing
Powering the gadget is the OhMiBod Remote App, which lets you control the vibrator from anywhere in the world.
You can use the app to launch customised and pre-set vibration patterns.
It’s even possible to engage the “music-driven vibration” mode, which lets the massager buzz along with ambient music.
That means if you’ve got some songs playing through a speaker (or on your phone), the massager will time its vibrations with the beat.
You can also use the app to chat and share photos or videos with your partner – but that’s not all.
If you’ve got an Apple Watch, you can even send vibrations to your partner timed with your own heart-beat. You’ll effectively be pleasuring your lover simply by being alive.
Apple The vibrator even has a special mode that lets it buzz in time with your partner’s heartbeat, based on Apple Watch health data
“Esca 2 is a great addition to any long-distance romance,” said Suki Dunham, OhMiBod’s founder.
“The Esca 2, with its abundance of interactive features, helps to melt away the miles that may separate two lovers.
“The watch app’s ability to drive the excitement with a heartbeat allows couples to create a true-heart connection at any distance.”
The massager is lightweight and USB rechargeable, and is made out of body-safe silicone.
It also comes with a one-year warranty, and is available right now for $119 – that’s about £89.99 with a direct currency conversion.
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Are you tempted by this musical massager? Let us know in the comments!

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