Bizarre £120 smart sex toy is a ‘GoPro for your WILLY’ that lets you livestream footage from your privates

Bizarre £120 smart sex toy is a 'GoPro for your WILLY' that lets you livestream footage from your privates

SEX toy manufacturer Julz has launched what is essentially a GoPro for the penis.
The bizarre product – which can record and live-stream bonking sessions – is called ‘C**kCam’ and retails at $160(£122).
Julz The camera is set inside a stretchable ring
The penis camera, which has been designed to fit neatly over a male appendage, is embedded in a stretchy silicone ring.
The product is compatible with water-based lubricants and has been designed to hold blood in the penis and facilitate longer lasting erections.
Julz designed the camera for people to capture their most intimate moments.
The ultra-small removable camera weighs 15g and is 40 x 15.9mm.
Julz It can be connected to a mobile app for streaming purposes
Once removed from its ring, the camera can be mounted anywhere using the magnetic pads provided.
‘C**kCam’ also has a corresponding secure mobile app.
Julz The device has a removable camera
The device has an integrated WiFi connection so any footage can be streamed via a mobile, iPad or laptop.
It shows up in WiFi settings as “The_C-Cam_******”, with the * standing for the code for your specific camera.
Julz An online review said it was easy to set up and use
This is not the most discrete feature as, when broadcasting, anyone will be able to see a WiFi network with that particular name.
The accompanying app is available for iOS and Android devices.
Julz It retails at around £122
The product might be of interest to amateur pornographers amongst others.
The camera films in 720p HD quality, which is not the highest specification but it does also have six night vision infrared lights for use in the dark.
The product also has a battery life of 90 minutes.
An online review of the ‘C**kCam’ states that it is relatively easy to set up and use, but a little confusing to begin with.
Luckily, it comes with a user instructions in English, Spanish, German and French.
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