Bishop of London says let the spirit of Notre Dame bring hope to UK

Bishop of London says let the spirit of Notre Dame bring hope to UK

FOR Christians Easter is not just a celebration of new life, as we mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also a time to rejoice in all life in all its fullness.
For many this might include a break from work, study or school, simply enjoying spending time with families and loved ones.
Getty – Contributor Communities are helping the devastated Notre Dame cathedral
Alamy Work is being done to abolish slavery in the UK but more effort is needed
Yet, there are thousands in the UK who do not have this chance.
In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, heralded for its history and culture, modern day slavery is thriving.
According to the Home Office, there are more than 10,000 victims of human slavery in the UK.
Many more are at risk of falling through the cracks, away from the view of the authorities.
These are real people — be they a woman or girl in the illegal sex trade, a man forced to work on a construction site, or a child married against their will. None of them are free.
Leaders from across our faith communities are standing together to speak out against slavery.
Last year the Church of England and the Catholic Church launched the Safe Car Wash App to help drivers report slavery at car washes — one industry alone that’s thought to have thousands of enslaved workers.
After just six months, users have reported over 2,000 suspected cases, helping the police to tackle this plague.
In my own Diocese I know there is crucially important work going on to support these victims.
At All Souls Church in Langham Place, at the heart of the West End, the charity Tamar provides essential support and advocacy by reaching out to women who are suffering through sexual exploitation.
Tamar takes inspiration from the two stories of women in the Bible being badly mistreated by men and society,it is one of the five partner charities that this year’s Diocese of London Lent Appeal has supported.
The appeal has built on the work of the Clewer Initiative, which has called for a community -wide response to modern slavery — developing partnerships between the Church, statutory and non-statutory agencies, to create a network of advocates seeking to end modern day slavery.
As we celebrate the new life of Jesus Christ, let us remember that new life comes not just after death but for those that are living.
PA:Press Association Bishop of London Sarah Mullally
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This week’s devastation of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and the remarkable demonstrations of solidarity and generosity that have emerged in its aftermath, are testament to the power of community and show the spirit of resurrection in action.
If we could apply that same spirit to the terrible injustice of slavery in our communities, through working together, looking closely for what is hidden in plain sight, and supporting the excellent work of charities, we can give new life to those thousands of victims of modern slavery.
AP:Associated Press Flames and smoke gush up from the burning roof of Notre Dame
The steeple engulfed in flames collapses as the roof of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral burns
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