Big Bang Theory finale: Writers still working on final episode with just weeks to spare

Big Bang Theory finale: Writers still working on final episode with just weeks to spare

How will the finale end? (Picture: Getty Images)We may be approaching the finale of the Big Bang Theory faster than the speed of an atom (see what we did there?), however show bosses have revealed writers still don’t know how the thing will end.
Well that fills us with hope!
The writers are said to still be cranking out that finale storyline, with just weeks to spare.
Executive producer Bill Prady revealed there are still pieces of the puzzle they need to figure out before we say goodbye to Penny, Leonard, Sheldon and co.

It won’t be long until we know (Picture: CBS via Getty Images)‘There are still pieces of the [finale] we have to figure out. We know some of the “what”. We don’t know all of the “how”,’ he recently told TV Insider.
‘There’s a lot of talk about wanting to feel that the gang’s world will continue as viewers know it to be. Of all the feelings we’ve talked about, that’s one that we all like.’
It may be no surprise seeing as it was only this week we learnt the crew aren’t ruling anything out when it comes to the finale – which will be shot twice: once in front of a live audience, another time without.
Showrunner Steve Holland said: ‘I don’t want to rule anything out for the finale, but it will focus on our [main] characters.’
He’s also not even ruling out the potential for a reunion of the gang down the road, and said: ‘This has been such an amazingly, special ride. It’s hard to say goodbye.’
Steve then threw a shrug into the situation and said ‘who knows?’ over reunion plans. Sneaky, guys. Very sneaky.
The final episode, which is set to air on 16 May, will round off the lives of the science geeks and send them off for a future without us. But before they go, we have so many questions that need to be answered.
We’re getting snippets of answers as we go along, which has been a nice guiding light toward the last hurrah.
However, we’re definitely not finding out what Penny’s maiden name is, so you can forget that.
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And the elevator? We may never see the day it is fixed – even with the cast admitting they have no sodding idea whether we’ll have everything wrapped up in a neat little package.
Guess we better sit tight.
The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays on CBS and at a later date on E4 in the UK.

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