Best large Easter eggs 2019

Best large Easter eggs 2019

EVERY Easter bigger and better chocolate eggs hit supermarket shelves, but this year there’s something egg-stra special (ahem).
Clever chocolate makers have found a way to fill Easter eggs with your favourite chocolate bars.
These are some of the best Easter eggs this year
New technology means they are able to insert tiny bits of chocolate into Easter eggs.
The cheapest Easter egg we could find of this kind was Galaxy’s Golden Eggs Easter egg treat for £3, but it’s also the smallest weighing only 234g.
If you’re after the biggest Easter eggs with chocolate bar pieces inside the shell, you should instead take a look at Cadbury’s treats.
Both its Daim and Crunchie Easter eggs weigh 570g, but they’ll also set you back £10 each.
If you’re after a specific Easter treat, you can easily compare supermarket prices on Below are the top ones.
Galaxy Golden Eggs Easter Egg, £3 – buy now
The Easter egg comes with crunchy caramel pieces in the shell
Galaxy has rolled out a showstopper this Easter, and it’s with the popular Golden Eggs chocolate.
The hollow 234g egg is made from Galaxy milk chocolate and crispy caramel pieces in the shell.
Even better, the pack includes two packs of Galaxy Golden eggs rolled in gold.
The treats are available in both Iceland and Tesco where they’ll set you back £4 each, but they’re even cheaper at Sainsbury’s costing only £3.
Nestle Kit Kat Salted Caramel Giant Egg, £8 – buy now
The pack includes three Kit Kat Chunky bars
Kit Kat fans looking for a giant treat should instead head to Asda or Tesco this Easter.
The supermarkets are currently selling Nestle’s Kit Kat Salted Caramel Fudge Easter egg for £8.
The caramel-flavoured milk chocolate egg weighs 516g and it comes with salted fudge inclusions and three salted caramel fudge KitKat chunky bars.
Sainsbury’s and Iceland are also selling the treats, but they’ll set you back £10 each.
Nestle Smarties Orange Chocolate Egg, £10 – buy now
This Smarties Orange egg will set you back £10 at Tesco
If you’re a fan of Smarties and especially the orange-flavoured chocolate pieces, you’ll want to check out Nestle’s Easter egg.
It comes with Orange Mini Smarties in the shell as well as a bag of Orange Smarties Mini Eggs.
This is so far only available at Tesco, where it’ll currently set you back £8, down from an original price of £10.
Mars Bounty Chocolate Egg, £10 – buy now
Coconut chocolate fans will want to check out this egg
At last, there’s finally also an Easter egg with coconut bits inside the shell.
If you’re like us, and you love the coconut-filled chocolate bars, you’ll be excited by the new treat.
The giant 494g Easter egg comes with one milk and one dark Bounty chocolate bar.
It will set you back £10 at Tesco online and in stores, where it’s being sold exclusively.
Cadbury Daim Easter Egg, £10 – buy now
This Daim egg is among the biggest and weighs 570g
If you like Daim more than Bounty, then Cadbury’s new Easter egg will be top of your list this year.
Described as an “extra large” egg, the treat weighs 570g and it comes with chunks of the chocolate bar in the shell.
And in case just the egg isn’t enough for you, the pack also comes with one 120g Cadbury Daim bar.
But it’ll set you back a whopping total of £10 at Tesco and Waitrose or £12 at Ocado.
Cadbury Crunchie Giant Easter Egg, £10 – buy now
If you’re a Crunchie fan, you’ll want to pick this up
Last but not least, Cadbury’s also doing a giant egg filled with pieces of its popular Crunchie chocolate bar.
The milk chocolate egg weighs 570g and it comes with honeycombed granules, as well as three bars of milk chocolate with honeycombed centres.
It’ll set you back £10 at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s as well as Tesco.
Similar to the Daim egg, Ocado is more expensive and sells the same eggs for £12.
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