Best and worst value rum, whiskey, vodka and gin at supermarkets revealed – The Sun

Best and worst value rum, whiskey, vodka and gin at supermarkets revealed – The Sun

SHOPPERS looking to get the most booze for their bucks are in luck because the best and worst value rum, whiskey, vodka and gin at supermarkets have just been revealed.
The prices can vary a lot between shops, so make sure you don’t fork out more than necessary.
9 These own-brand bottles of booze at Aldi and Lidl give you the best value for your money
Vouchercloud has researched the prices including offers of the UK’s major supermarkets, and it found that Aldi and Lidl are selling the best value own-brand range in every category.
While Asda has the best value branded spirit of every kind.
The voucher website scoured Aldi, Asda, Iceland, M&S, Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose for the best value spirits per measure of 25ml.
It found that prices can vary by as much as £8 between supermarkets, as Sainbury’s is selling 70cl bottles of Jack Daniel’s for £18 while they’ll set you back £26 each at Tesco.
Meanwhile, 70cl bottles of Bombay Sapphire Gin cost £16 at Morrisons, but £21 at Sainsbury’s.
Below are the best value bottles of booze. Of course, while a good deal on alcohol is tempting, please also be Drinkaware.
Best value rum
9 Aldi, Asda and Lidl currently offer the best value rum, Vouchercloud has foundCredit: Vouchercloud
9 Tesco also offers among the best value bottles of rumCredit: Vouchercloud
Rum has been a popular drink since the age of Jack Sparrow, and you can now live a pirate’s life for less thanks to the price guide.
There are currently 269 bottles of rum to choose from in UK supermarkets, of which the best value branded version is found at Asda.
At the supermarket, 1litre bottles of Captain Morgan rum costs £16 a bottle – that’s 40p per measure.
Aldi and Lidl was found to offer the best own-brand value on rum with their Old Hopking and James Cook ranges.
At 9.99, these bottles came out as 36p per measure.
If you’re sceptical about own-brand rum, you’ll be pleased to know that both bottles won silver medals at the Spirits Business Rum Masters 2019.
Best value whiskey
9 Famous Grouse is currently the best value branded whiskey and it’s the cheapest at AsdaCredit: Vouchercloud
9 Iceland’s own branded whiskey was found to offer the worst valueCredit: Vouchercloud
Whiskey may seem like one of the finer things in life, but you don’t have to fork out a fortune to afford the famous names.
Whether you’re partial to Jack, Jim or Johnnie, you’re likely to find something that suits both your budget and taste buds as there are a whopping 621 bottles on sale across the supermarkets.
The popular Famous Grouse is the best value branded version and it can be found the cheapest at Asda, where 1litre bottles set you back £16 (40p per measure).
Just like with rum, you can get away cheaper if you instead popped by your local Aldi or Lidl store and picked up its own-brand versions.
The supermarkets are selling 1litre bottles of Highland Earl Scotch Whiskey and Queen Margot Blended for £14.99 – 37p per measure.
Best value vodka
9 Vladivar Vodka offers the best value for your bucks, Vouchercloud has foundCredit: Vouchercloud
9 Vodka at Co-op sets you back from 50p per measureCredit: Vouchercloud
Hot on the heels of hipster favourite gin, vodka is becoming trendy again and whether you like yours neat or not, there are plenty of options.
There are currently 298 bottles on sale across the UK’s supermarkets, and Vouchercloud found that the best value branded vodka is currently a 1litre bottle of Vladivar.
These cost £15 per bottle – 38p per measure – at Asda.
Aldi’s Triple Distilled Vodka is the cheapest own-brand vodka and it sets you back slightly less at £14.19 – 35p per measure.
Best value gin
9 The best value on own-brand gin can be found at AldiCredit: Vouchercloud
9 Iceland was found to offer the worst value on ginCredit: Vouchercloud
Last but not least, gin has rocketed in popularity in recent years, with new tipples launching every week.
Whether you want flavoured or classic, sloe or pink, you now have 197 versions to choose from in the UK’s supermarkets, up from 105 in 2017.
Vouchercloud found that the best value branded gin is Bombay London Dry on sale at Asda for £16 per litre – 40p per measure.
While Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell London Dry own-brand gin will set you back a bit cheaper at £14.19 per bottle, 35p per measure.
Flavoured gins have also exploded in popularity lately, so if that’s what you’re after, the best value is offered by Greenall’s Wild Berry gin, which costs £14.50 for a 1litre bottle at Asda.
This means it’ll set you back 52p per 25ml shot.
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