Benidorm’s famous Tiki Beach bar reduced to a building site after court battle forced it to close

Benidorm's famous Tiki Beach bar reduced to a building site after court battle forced it to close

BENIDORM’S famous Tiki Beach bar has been reduced to a building site after a court battle forced it to close.
Loyal customers arriving at their favourite holiday haunt during the February school break have been left “devastated” at finding it shut, according to a report.
NCJ Media/Kirsha Knowles Surrounded by a protective barrier – rather than pub-goers – Tiki Beach bar is no more
Newcastle Chronicle quotes Kirsha Knowles, 42, of Newcastle, saying: “I have come on holiday with my husband, 12-year-old daughter and my mam and dad and we walked to the front to see Tiki Beach.
“I was absolutely devastated to see it has closed. Its frontage is covered by big black sheets and workmen are inside.
“The tables and chairs are gone and things are being ripped out.”
Knowles, who owns Kirsha Knowles Hair & Beauty, told the paper she felt “sad” as there was also now “no music” at the prior hotspot.
She described the now construction site – long a much-loved venue frequented by holidaying Brits – as signalling an “end of an era for Benidorm”.
I was absolutely devastated to see it has closed. Its frontage is covered by big black sheets and workmen are inside.Kirsha Knowles, holidaymaker
Knowles said Tiki Beach was the place everyone flocked to for a “good time” as it was the “heart and soul” of the coastal area for many years.
The mum said it was a “shame”, particularly as the promenade appeared quieter as a result – and she feared it could hit the local economy, particularly while Brits are on holiday at the beach.
But bar-goers have been replaced with builders after judges ordered Tiki Beach to close last October.
However, its owners defied that demand for more than a month, serving thirsty visitors during the lucrative November fiesta week when about 45,000 Brits descended upon Benidorm.
Spain’s Supreme Court had ordered the bar to serve its last pint after a lengthy dispute with neighbours about an alleged “noise disturbance” in April 2016.
The bar’s owners initially refused to go peacefully, and launched an appeal to keep running – but ended up losing their legal bid.
But some Brits have no idea about its recent closure, and have been left mourning the loss of their favourite watering hole after stumbling on its locked doors.
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Regular Karen Hamilton, of Whitley Bay, told the Newcastle Chronicle that Benidorm isn’t the same without the Tiki bar.
Telling the paper she couldn’t believe it had been shut down, Hamilton added that it was the place to visit for hen and stag parties.
Lamenting the loss of its “great atmosphere”, she said that while there was “always lots of drinking” at the venue, she had never noticed “any trouble; just lots of people enjoying themselves.”
Last year, ex-Corrie star Georgia May Foote told mates on Instagram that she felt like “crying” over its then threatened closure.
She posted: “It was one of my faves in Benners. I mean they do corona by buckets.”
Refer to Caption Hundreds of people signed an online petition to keep Tiki Beach Bar open – to no avail
NCJ Media/Kirsha Knowles Builders have been spotted by Brits on holiday in Benidorm
NCJ Media/Kirsha Knowles Regulars have spoken of their grief at Tiki Beach bar’s closure
No-gone zone on the beach
NCJ Media/Kirsha Knowles Kirsha Knowles (left) with Rachael Nicholson at Tiki Beach in Benidorm
Alamy Back in November 2015: British tourists visiting the resort for the annual Fiesta enjoyed the hot autumn weather with cool drinks
Alamy But neighbours’ complaints about noise resulted in the bar’s recent closure
Facebook/Tiki Beach Benidrom Back in the good old days – lots of smiles from happy customers

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