BBC bias allowed anti-Semitic Corbyn stooges on Tory leadership debate – The Sun

BBC bias allowed anti-Semitic Corbyn stooges on Tory leadership debate – The Sun

Shame of BBC
IF the scandal of the BBC’s Tory leadership debate doesn’t trigger wholesale reform over its political bias nothing will. It has rarely been more blatant.
Here was the corporation caught red-handed passing off Corbyn stooges as ordinary people chosen to ask searching questions of the candidates for PM.
4 Imam Abdullah Patel was suspended from his teaching job after his anti-Semitic posts emergedCredit: PA:Press Association
4 Aman Thakar was the Labour Party candidate in the Southwark local election
One, an apparently open anti-Semite rightly now suspended from his teaching job, concocted a row about alleged Tory Islamophobia. BBC “researchers” somehow failed to unearth his own repugnant prejudices. But Radio 5 put him on air AFTER they were exposed.
Another apparent punter was an ex-Labour staffer motivated solely to tell the Tories they had no mandate to govern and to demand the election Corbyn claims to want. This was even worse for the BBC. It knew his background, but didn’t reveal it or think it relevant.
To rub salt in the wounds it gave air time to a misguided child, indignant that no Tories would pledge to scrap our entire use of fossil fuels in under six years — which no country can or will do.
Why did the show’s journalists think any of this was OK? Because the BBC is awash with lefties using the broadcaster, funded by your compulsory licence fee, to push their anti-Tory, anti-capitalist, pro-socialism agenda.
They don’t recognise their bias because in their warped worldview they occupy the centre ground, not to mention the moral high ground, and not the far left where most people see them.
This debate was already a chaotic shambles. We now know it was a disgrace to the BBC, a breach of its charter and a betrayal of millions of viewers.
If those behind it aren’t ashamed enough to quit they should be fired.
Our Next Prime Minister debate is under scrutiny after final question is asked by Aman Thakar who was the Labour Party candidate in the Southwark local election
All to play 4
SENSE at last from Tory MPs.
Sajid Javid is plainly a far better ­candidate for PM than Rory Stewart, as the latter’s colleagues finally realised during his peculiar TV performance.
4 Twitter reacts as Rory Stewart removes his tie on the Tory leadership debateCredit: Twitter
Stewart still insists voters love him. He should reflect why they are mainly ­Labour and Lib Dem backers.
The final four candidates in today’s showdown are, we believe, the four best.
If Tory members do make Boris Johnson PM, he has good options for Chancellor.
Man is caught cutting his throat with his hand and pointing at Rory Stewart as the MP is interviewed after being eliminated from the Conservative leadership race
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2-faced Corbyn
CORBYN must be hoping his voters, Remain or Leave, are as thick as two short planks.
Yesterday he seemed to indicate the party now backs a second referendum. Except his weasel-worded statement only mentioned “a public vote”. That could mean the election he wants and which is already Labour policy.
4 Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure over Brexit againCredit: Reuters
Remainers still don’t know where he stands. Leavers don’t yet know if he has finally betrayed them, as he surely will.
And Corbyn will keep stringing them all along as long as he can get away with it.


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