Bald eagle looks straight into the camera as its wings and reflection form a perfect eye shape

Bald eagle looks straight into the camera as its wings and reflection form a perfect eye shape

THIS bald eagle is an amazing sight — as its wings and reflection form a giant eye shape.
Snapper Steve Biro, 53, caught the bird of prey, named Bruce, staring into his lens in a conservation area in Ontario, Canada.
News Dog Media The impressive photo captures the bald eagle forming an eye shape with its wings as it flew over a lake
He said: “I love getting reflections from a low vantage point and hoped to get a couple of decent pics of Bruce.
“He flew across the pond several times. He was flying close enough to my head to feel the breeze from his wings but I was determined to keep shooting.
“I have many wonderful images from the visit but I loved the symmetry of this one in particular and the way he is staring right through me and looking mean and powerful just blew me away.”
News Dog Media Bruce showed off his incredible wing span as he swooped over the water
News Dog Media He seemed interested in what photographer Steve Biro was doing, looking towards the camera several times
News Dog Media The still water perfectly reflected the magnificent bird
News Dog Media Steve took several shots before he managed to capture the perfectly symmetrical ‘eye’ photo
News Dog Media Bruce took a rest on land after he’d finished posing over the water
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