Asus ROG Delta headset review

Asus ROG Delta headset review

THE ASUS ROG Delta headset sets itself apart from other gaming headsets every chance it gets.
The solid, minimal construction makes for a precise and solid piece of kit that feels engineered with surgical precision.
Asus The ROG Deltas are rock-solid and sound sharp
The Sun Their D-shaped cups make for a comfortable and secure fit
The audio technology in the D-shaped cups is a cut above everyone else, and sound as clear as any we’ve heard.
They’re not as bass-heavy as many other gaming-focused headsets out of the box — if you’re the sort of person who particular enjoy the thud from sending a 50-cal round hurtling towards your unwitting foe, you’ll probably want to crank it up a bit.

ROG Delta headset, £129.99 from Amazon UK (down from £179.99) – buy it now

The Deltas aren’t just for PC, though — you can plug the USB-C lead into your Switch, phone or anything else that happens to have a USB port.
Unlike some gaming headsets that claim to work more widely, you can also listen to music on the go without feeling too self-conscious.
This is thanks to a simple switch to turn the fancy lighting off, and a boom mic that just unplugs.
The brushed metal construction makes for a really solid feel
The sounds are crystal-clear, though, and picking out individual sounds in a chaotic cacophony is as easy as any headset we’ve tested.
The result is that the sound can feel a little clinical at times, and can be lacking in the natural richness you might hope for.
We found them supremely comfortable and secure, even with a band that will arc well over the top of your head.
The D-shaped cups don’t agree with everyone, though we found they felt better than traditional round cups.
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The lighting is controlled by Asus’ Aura Sync software, which you can use to sync up with any other ROG gear you’ve got.
At a standard price of £179.99 they’re not cheap — but there’s no doubt they look and feel like a premium product.
It’s hard to justify spending that much on a wired headset with a very basic feature set, but everything this headset sets out to do, it does exceptionally.
Discounts on them are also not that hard to come buy, however. At time of review, they’re £50 off at Amazon and just £129.99 — a price point at which they are much easier to recommend.

ROG Delta headset, £129.99 from Amazon UK (down from £179.99) – buy it now

The USB-C connection does make them close to future-proof too, so you’re likely to be able to carry on using them whatever the future of gaming holds.
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