Asda now does UNICORN crumpets

Asda now does UNICORN crumpets

UNICORN crumpets are the new, magical way to start your day, according to Asda.
A pack of four costs as little as £1 – and it could be the cutest breakfast you’ll ever have.
Asda A pack of 4 costs just £1
Add strawberry jam, butter or honey to create your Instagram-worthy meal.
But beware, if you’re on a budget as you can get the traditional round crumpets much cheaper.
For example, a pack of six crumpets is only 40p for Asda’s own brand.
Asda also doest “toaster” crumpets that are shaped in square bread sizes and cost £1.15 for six so for size.
The unicorn-shaped crumpets are available both online and in-store.
To find your nearest store visit the Asda website.
Themed or fun-shaped crumpets are not new to the supermarket chain, who have previously brought out bunny-shaped and ghost-shaped crumpets.
Facebook/Asda Breakfast is now definitely the most important meal of the day
The supermarket does not limit itself to breakfast treats either, having sold donut beef burgers last month.
Asda do not appear to to be the only supermarket names having fun with food, with Morrisons having launched heart-shaped burgers for Valentine’s Day and Aldi is selling Peppa Pig shaped pasta.
There’s no set end date on these crumpets but stock up if you’re a fan as who knows when Asda will bring out the next food trend?
Breakfast is now certainly the most important meal of the day.
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