Asda is selling pizza twists that you can eat on the go for £1

Asda is selling pizza twists that you can eat on the go for £1

MUNCHING on a pizza on the go has just been made a lot easier as Asda’s launched twisted versions for a bargain price.
Available in margherita and pepperoni versions, the stonebaked treats cost just £1 at the supermarket.
1 The pizzas are available as a pepperoni and margheritaCredit: Asda
The frozen pizzas weigh 125g and are best enjoyed after just three minutes in the microwave.
You get one “twisted” pizza per box and they’re available both on Asda’s website and in stores, where they were first spotted by Instagram account NewfoodsUK.
The post has so far racked up 1,660 likes, and many followers are keen to pick up the snack.
One user said: “I’m planning to beg my mother to buy me them.”
While another added: “Is it possible to export to other countries?”
If you’re keeping a close eye on your waistline, you’ll want to know that each pack contains 368 calories.
The NHS recommends 2,500 calories a day for men and 2,000 calories a day for women to maintain an ideal weight.
We haven’t been able to find similar products in any of the major supermarkets in the UK, but you can get make a DIY version for less by picking up an ordinary pizza.
Tesco, for example, is selling a 124g pizza with cheese and tomato or ham for just 49p.
While Asda is selling a slightly smaller 110g cheese and tomato pizza for 61p.
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Earlier this year, Aldi also launched two budget-busting pizzas for 67p and shoppers say they’re delicious.
In May, Asda created its own version of Domino’s cheeseburger pizza and it’s £12.50 cheaper.
And as recently as last month, it rolled out a chicken kebab pizza with hot chilli sauce.
YouTube channel The Hunger Diaries tests out gherkin pizza in Quad City

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