Asda is selling a MASSIVE paddling pool for £20

Asda is selling a MASSIVE paddling pool for £20

ASDA is selling a MASSIVE inflatable pool that’s big enough for both kids and adults to cool down in.
The blue and white “Kid Connection Inflatable Family Pool” costs just £20 to buy online at Asda.
ASDA Asda is selling a MASSIVE inflatable pool for £20
You can pick it up from your local store for free or the cheapest delivery option is £2.95 for standard delivery.
We’ve asked Asda if the pool is available in store too and we’ll update this story when we hear back. Use Asda’s store locator tool to find your nearest
It’s one of the largest inflatable pools we’ve seen measuring 56cm high, 305cm in width, and 183cm in depth.
This means it’s perfect for families to splash around in this summer.
ASDA But do think about how you’re going to inflate the new pool before you buy it
But Asda does warn that it’s not suitable for children under six and says kids should be supervised by adults when using it.
One shopper on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, who has put the pool up in her garden, says it’s “absolutely massive”.
She wrote: “£20 at Asda! Absolutely massive, definitely worth the money! Perfect for summer hols and time off school etc.
“Would definitely recommend buying an electric pump if you don’t have one though… didn’t think the inflating part through when I bought it.”
Another shopper points out that Wilko has a similar pool for £5 less at £15.
But its version is smaller at 51cm high, 150cm in width, and 201cm in depth.
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Lidl has a similar blue pool for £14 but again, its version is smaller than Asda’s at 202cm by 151cm by 46cm/60cm.
You can even buy paddling pools for as little as £3 but these are for littlun’s only – adults sadly won’t fit.
And if you want to win all of the cool points then head down to Lidl where it’s selling cactus, popcorn and pizza pool floats.
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