Asda is selling a CHEESEBURGER pizza

Asda is selling a CHEESEBURGER pizza

IF you loved Domino’s cheeseburger pizza you might be interested to know that Asda is launching its own version for a sixth of the price.
The 10-inch fresh pizza consists of a healthy dose of tomato sauce, cheddar, mozzarella, marinated beef and red onion.
Asda has launched a cheeseburger pizza for £2.50
Shoppers are advised to drizzle on Asda’s burger sauce to give the pizza a final kick of flavour.
The bargain supermarket’s creation is only £2.50, making it a whopping £12.49 cheaper than Domino’s version.
Domino’s small 9.5-inch cheeseburger pizza costs £14.99 – 20 times more expensive than the Asda version.
And the pizza delivery chain charges £17.99 for its 11.5-inch medium sized version.
© Steve Ryan / Domino’s – free for editorial usage Domino’s small pizza will set you back £14.99
The Domino’s pizza is an indulgent treat and probably not something you should eat everyday as each large slice contains 211 calories.
If you eat a whole large pizza that adds up to 1,688 calories in total.
We have asked Asda how many calories are in its cheeseburger pizza, but the supermarket has not yet been able to tell us. We’ll update the story once we have more information.
Asda’s stonebaked cheeseburger pizza can only be found at its 450 stores on the deli counter. Find your nearest branch here.
Be quick though – it is limited edition and only available until the end of May.
But if you fancy a Domino’s mid-week, you can bag yourself a deal with its Two for Tuesday offer, making each pizza just under £7.50 for two small sizes – although that’s still pricier than Asda’s.
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Domino’s has been known to be the most generous with its pizza toppings, when Shop Smart, Save Money revealed them as having the best value pepperoni pizzas.
And crazy flavours seem to be popular with pizza delivery chains, with Papa Johns selling a pizza with ostrich meat on it.
Meanwhile, Iceland is selling a pizza with HOUMOUS instead of cheese – and we’re not sure about it.
KFC and Pizza Hut have made a popcorn chicken and gravy pizza – The Gravy Supreme

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