Asda adds £3 charge to deliveries below £40

Asda adds £3 charge to deliveries below £40

ASDA now adds a £3 charge to all online orders below £40 nationwide – and you still have to pay up to £6.50 for delivery.
The supermarket previously only added the £3 fee to deliveries below £40 in certain locations, while the minimum order before the charge applies was £25 in other areas.
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The change means 9 per cent of online shoppers will see their online charges increase, although Asda didn’t want to say how many customers it has in total.
Delivery fees at the supermarket range from £1.50 to £6.50, meaning if you spend less than £40 in one purchase, you now face being hit with £9.50 in extra charges.
As part of the move, Asda has however axed the £25 minimum spend meaning you can technically make an order of £1 as long as you pay the £3 charge and delivery costs.
The minimum spend to avoid the £3 fee for click and collect orders will still be £25 but you’ll continue to be able to pick up your order for free.
The changes came into effect last week and shoppers have slammed the move on social media.
One user wrote on Twitter: “What’s with the basket charge?? Absolute joke!!
“On top of a delivery charge of under £40! You’ve lost me as a weekly customer.”
While another user said: “Minimum delivery charge now £40 from £25 or pay £3 basket charge on top of delivery cost. Disgusting.”
A third user wrote: “Been using Asda for grocery delivery for about four years. Single person who can’t drive, always sub-£40 weekly shop.
“Today I go to purchase, and am hit with a £3 surcharge on top of pick and deliver charge, out of nowhere.
“Guess I’ll find another supermarket.”
A Facebook user also posted about the change in the Reduce Your Supermarket Spend group, writing: “The reason I shopped with Asda as opposed to Tesco is because you could order a £25 shop and pay delivery and that was it.
“Now it’s added a charge to baskets under £40.”
Another user commented on the post saying: “I stopped shopping there. Essentially I’d be paying £8 on delivery (£3 charge plus £5 for delivery), it’s really not worth it for us.”
An Asda spokesperson told The Sun: “We have standardised our minimum basket spend across the country, which will mean some online customers will see a difference in their home shopping charge.
“As part of this change, customers are now able to order below £25 and receive a home shopping order.
“We offer the best value in the market for customers ordering a smaller basket and have won the Grocer 33 for the lowest-priced supermarket for 22 years running.”
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Tesco cut its minimum spend for click and collect deliveries to £25 in May this year.
In 2017, Asda also quietly upped the minimum delivery spend for some customers from £25 to £40 – and shoppers were furious.
And earlier this month, the supermarket announced it’s trialling half-hour delivery of groceries in partnership with Just Eat.
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