Artist banned for Mother’s Day card featuring Isis bride Shamima Begum

Artist banned for Mother's Day card featuring Isis bride Shamima Begum

A card illustrator has been banned for life from online marketplace Etsy after trying to sell a new, satirical Mother’s Day card featuring British Islamic State bride, Shamima Begum.
Samuel Hague’s edgy cartoons have already proved controversial in recent years – he was slammed for producing a Jimmy Savile Father’s Day card and a Shannon Matthews Mother’s Day card last year – the former saying: ‘Happy Father’s Day …Thanks for never letting Jim fix it for me’.
Other greeting cards featured Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey but the latest design, which he is still selling on his own website, has seen him banned from Etsy permanently.

The whole Mother’s Day card with an envelope – Mr Hague is known for his satirical, close to the edge humour (Picture: Samuel Hague)

Will the real Shamima Begum please stand up? Pictured here in an interview with ITV (Picture: ITV News)Alongside a cartoon of Bethnal-Green born Begum, 19, who fled to Syria with three schoolmates in 2015, the card says: ‘Happy Mother’s Day…Thanks for never joining Isis.’
A message sent to Mr Hague from a man called Ian on behalf of Etsy said: ‘I’m getting in touch to inform you that Etsy has elected to revoke your account privileges permanently due to your shop’s repeat violations of our prohibited items policy.
Hottest February day coming next week with highs of 19°C‘While Etsy encourages sellers to express their personal views and ideas in their listings, we do not permit items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred.
‘We also prohibit items that promote support or glorify acts of physical or sexual violence against individuals or groups.’
Mr Hague reacted to the ban on Twitter and mentioned he had already had a ‘slap on the wrist’ for his controversial designs.

This card mocks Karen Matthews, who was later jailed for kidnapping and falsely imprisoning her own daughter, Shannon (Picture: Samuel Hague)He said: ‘I’ve been banned from @EtsyUK
‘Cards are still available via my website –
‘I had a slap on the wrist previously with the Harvey (Price) cards/jumpers tbf.’
While Mr Hague was criticised by some online users, others said Britain had lost its sense of humour.
He added: ‘I’ve had so many lovely messages of support today about the cards.’
Juliet commented on his tweet saying: ‘I totally agree with what you say, I only wish my own mother was still alive so that I could buy it, she had a fantastic (though wicked) sense of humour, she would have found that card hilarious!’

This recent Valentine’s Day card mocks former Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius (Picture: Twitter)

The ban actually caused some on Twitter to back Mr Hague – claiming people had lost their sense of humour (Picture: Twitter)

Andy Hall supported Mr Hague’s cartoon – but Etsy insisted it did not allow items that ‘glorify hatred’ (Picture: Samuel Hague)Mark Cox added: ‘Love your mother’s day card.
‘There’s something wrong with this country when mocking terrorists isn’t acceptable.
‘I suppose we have to consider the feelings of people who behead others.’
Begum has pleaded to be allowed back to the UK but her citizenship was torn-up by Home Secretary Sajid Javid earlier this week.
She says she now regrets speaking to the media which has led to the Government making an example of her.
Her family is appealing the decision in the hope she will be allowed back to the UK to face justice here.


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