Artificial intelligence helps to find a potential cure for untreatable chronic pancreatitis

Artificial intelligence helps to find a potential cure for untreatable chronic pancreatitis

ARTIFICIAL intelligence has helped with a drug break-through which could lead to a cure for chronic pancreatitis.
The debilitating condition eventually stops sufferers from being able to digest their food and currently cannot be treated.
Getty – Contributor The condition gets worse over time and leads to permanent damage
It is a condition which affects millions across the globe and is currently managed through pain relief methods.
Tech firm Elsevier supplied an AI platform called Entellect to host a joint datathon with non-profit organisation, The Pistoia Alliance, leading to four drugs being identified as possible cures.
Mission: Cure, one of the datathon participants, is considering the options raised by the collaboration and is planning to take them to clinical trials – giving hope to millions.
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Dr. Jabe Wilson, consulting director, text and data analytics at Elsevier, said: “The goal of the datathon was to identify drug candidates for repurposing by using predictive analytics techniques, and we also wanted to explore best practice in the use of data science.
“This was the first public trial for our Entellect platform and it’s been a great success on all fronts. I want to thank all our partners and participants for their time and commitment to achieving this positive outcome.”
Megan Golden, co-founder and co-director of Mission: Cure, said: “We look forward to taking the promising candidates to the next step where we hope they will help us find effective treatments for this difficult, rare disease.”
Chronic pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas that does not heal or improve
Jonathan Goh @ Jonty Jo Dr Jabe Wilson is the consulting director at Elsevier
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