‘Arrogant’ ISIS bride Shamima Begum has a massive ego and shows no remorse for fleeing Britain to join terror group, body language expert says

'Arrogant' ISIS bride Shamima Begum has a massive ego and shows no remorse for fleeing Britain to join terror group, body language expert says

SHAMIMA Begum is egocentric and arrogant and shows no signs of “regret, remorse or true sorrow,” according to a body language expert.
Darren Stanton claimed her recent appearance during an interview with a Sky News journalist was “unconvincing” adding that she lacked “sincerity and truthfulness”.
Sky News The expert said Begum gave an ‘uncontrollable smile’ when she spoke about ISIS
The 19-year-old was interviewed by the news channel as she tries to be allowed back into Britain after leaving her home in Bethnal Green, East London, in 2015 with two pals to go to Syria.
Shamima Begum is currently in a refugee camp and gave birth to a son at the weekend.
She states she “never did anything dangerous” and moaned: “I can’t live in this camp forever.”
Asked if she felt she made a mistake travelling to Syria, she said: “In a way, yes, but I don’t regret it because it’s changed me as a person. It’s made me stronger, tougher, you know.
“I married my husband, I wouldn’t have found someone like him back in the UK.
“I had my kids, I did have a good time there, just at the end things got harder and I couldn’t take it any more.
I don’t regret it [joining ISIS] because it’s changed me as a person. It’s made me stronger, tougher.Shamima Begum in an interview with Sky News
“When I went to Syria I was just a housewife for the entire four years. I never did anything dangerous. I never made propaganda. I never encouraged people to come to Syria.”
The runaway schoolgirl said she wasn’t fazed by seeing severed heads in the bin, claiming it “made her stronger.”
But Darren remained unconvinced.
He told The Sun Online: “Imagine for a moment that you are in an environment where people are being executed, life is cheap and barbarism is all around you, and have lost your children.
“I think any reasonable person would say that they would be pleading and apologising and doing anything possible to be brought home to the UK if they were genuinely appalled to find themselves in that situation.”
He also thought Begum appeared to be “egocentric”, using phrases like “all about me”.
Darren said: “All we see here is a person that appears to not have released the true face of life over there and realises now she’s made a monumental mistake and wants to return to the safety and security of the UK.”
Darren said: “I would have expected a genuine person to have apologised to her parents and to the UK for making a mistake, however the reverse is true, she appeared very nonchalant about her actions and at times displays a little arrogance.”
He also points to her displaying what psychologists call a “Dupling delight” – an uncontrollable smile the face makes when someone thinks they are getting away with something – when she was asked whether or not she regretted joining ISIS.
RETURNING JIHADIS: What is the law in Britain?In 2018, it was revealed that almost 400 Brit jihadis who fought for bloodthirsty ISIS in Syria are back in the UK.
But shockingly just one in ten have been prosecuted for “direct action they’ve carried out in Syria”.
Around 15 per cent of the 850 Brits believed to have travelled to Syria or Iraq have died.
The Home Office says every person who returns is questioned by police and an assessment made over whether they are a threat to Britain.
However few have been prosecuted.
The Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill is currently going through Parliament, after its third reading in the House of Lords.
This could make travelling abroad to join terror groups an offence which carries a penalty of ten years in prison.
Security Minister Ben Wallace said: “The UK advises against all travel to Syria and parts of Iraq. Anyone who does travel to these areas, for whatever reason, is putting themselves in considerable danger.
“Everyone who returns from taking part in the conflict in Syria or Iraq must expect to be investigated by the police to determine if they have committed criminal offences, and to ensure that they do not pose a threat to our national security.
“There are a range of terrorism offences where individuals can be convicted for crimes committed overseas and we can also use Temporary Exclusion Orders to control an individuals’ return to the UK.”

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He continued: “It’s almost as though she’s trying to play both sides of the coin by not truly condemning ISIS.”
Darren said: “Her whole account lacks sincerity and truthfulness of a person truly remorseful and dependent.
“I see no signs of regret, remorse or true sorrow for her actions.”
Darren said Begum flashed an expression of disgust
Sky News Begum told Sky News she didn’t regret joining ISIS
Sky News Darren claimed Begum showed no remorse
Anthony Loyd – The Times Begum is desperate to come back to the UK with her newborn son
EPA Begum left her home in Bethnal Green in 2015 to join ISIS
Shamima Begum compares the Manchester Arena terror attack to bombing of Islamic State by coalition forces

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