Argos ‘misleading customers’ with clearance ‘sale’ that has NO discount

Argos 'misleading customers' with clearance 'sale' that has NO discount

SHOPPERS are furious after realising that Argos’s clearance sale includes items that HAVEN’T been reduced.
Clearance items are usually heavily discounted because a retailer is about to discontinue them and wants to get rid of old stock quickly.
Argos Argos has a clearance section on its website with many deals – but not all items are reduced, including these tech products
But shoppers have spotted that many of the products in Argos’s clearance section of the website are still listed at full price.
One, Ross Nimmo, complained on Twitter after spotting a £120 Lego playset on sale at full price, despite being marked up as clearance.
He wrote: “Just wondering, why do you advertise stuff in the clearance sale but you don’t reduce it?
“This has been the same price the last 4 months yet advertised in the clearance sale!?”

Twitter Some shoppers are very annoyed about the ‘misleading’ sale
There are many items in Argos’s clearance section that have been reduced considerably.
But there are also a large number of products with no discounts at all.
They include full-price gadgets, video games, and home and garden supplies.
Argos There are a large number of items not reduced in the clearance section of Argos’s website
Is Argos breaking the rules?
The word “sale” is not actually used in Argos’s clearance section.
If the word is used, customers should expect items to be reduced from full price.
Similarly, if items were marked up as “reduced to clear,” there should be a discount.
But if items are only tagged as “clearance,” Argos says it has no obligation to discount items it wants to sell before discontinuing them.
James Daley, managing director of consumer watchdog group Fairer Finance, doesn’t think this is fair and says Argos may have breached consumer rights rules.
He said: “Unfair trading regulations make it clear that companies mustn’t mislead customers about the price of anything they’re selling.
“Putting fully priced items into a clearance sale appears to be a clear breach of those rules – and I hope that Trading Standards and other regulators will look into the matter.”
Twitter Argos has told customers that clearance ‘does not mean it has to be reduced’
The number of non-discounted items in Argos’s clearance section has certainly made some customers unhappy.
One wrote on Twitter: “I contacted Argos because a clearance item was still the same price as before.
“They said their clearance items are not always reduced.
“I think this is very misleading and customers would think clearance means sale.”
Argos told The Sun that all of its clearance items have been reduced.
A spokesperson said: “We can reassure customers the wide range of products in our clearance sale have all been reduced and offer great value.”
Argos has a huge clearance section on its website, with hundreds of soon-to-be-discontinued items in categories from technology to baby and toddler.
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Montage of vintage Argos adverts from 80s and 90s

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