Argos is selling LOL Surprise look-a-like dolls for five times less and you get six dolls instead of one

Argos is selling LOL Surprise look-a-like dolls for five times less and you get six dolls instead of one

PARENTS can scoop up LOL Surprise look-a-like toys for a fifth of the price at Argos.
The retailer’s version of the toys are called Party Popteenies and come in a set of six individually wrapped dolls.
3 The Party Popteenies come in sets of six and cost £2.99Credit: Asda
A complete set costs £2.99 making each doll just 50p, compared to a LOL Surprise doll that costs around £15.99 for one.
That means that per doll, you’ll be saving a whopping £15.49 by ditching the top brand.
The concept behind the toys is similar to a LOL Surprise doll so you don’t know which one you’ve got until you unwrap it.
There are three different sets – Rainbow Unicorn, Cutie Animal or Winter Wonderland – which means that there are 25 dolls to collect all in all.
3 The dolls come with a hair accessory and an “outfit of the day”Credit: L.O.L Surprise
3 The LOL Surprise Hairgoals dolls will set you back £15.99Credit: L.O.L Surprise
There aren’t as many accessories as there are for LOL Surprise dolls though, as each doll only comes with her own outfit and a hair or a party accessory.
The more you pay for the branded dolls the more accessories you get, but we found a LOL Suprise Hairgoals Doll was one of the cheapest ones on offer and would set you back £15.99 from Smyths.
You can get miniature Lils Assortment version for £6.99 but they’re a lot smaller than the dolls from Argos – in fact they’re around the same size as a Polly Pocket.
The Argos version doubles up as a party popper too so each doll’s case is opened with a pop and a shower of confetti – don’t worry though, they’re suitable for four-year-old’s and older.
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Argos reckons they work great as a gift or a party favour plus you can order the goodies online or in store.
Earlier this year, we reported how a mum has blasted a pack of kids’ LOL Surprise trading cards – claiming the cartoon tots were dressed “like prostitutes and wearing BDSM gear”.
The kids’ toy brand launched three new products in February and prices start at £14.99.

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